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Services Offered by MBBS Consultants in India


You might have a list of study-abroad consultants, but are they helpful? What are the services a consultant should provide to be the best? 

Not the number of facilities but a hassle-free MBBS admission should be your prior concern. 


But why speak with a consultancy for MBBS admission?


Ask yourself, do you know all the essentials regarding MBBS admission? You need to google it, right? With the assistance of a consultancy, you don’t need to bother about the facts. 


When you fill-up the form for the abroad countries, you need to put the details of the local guardians. 


Yes, you need to have contacts in the country where you’re opting for MBBS studies. But if you choose a consultancy for MBBS admission they will provide you with local contacts to look after you. 

So here you can understand the importance of contacting a consultancy. 


From college details, and accommodation to the fee structure negotiation and visa support for everything you need to contact a consultancy. 


Now probably you have realized that taking MBBS admission is indeed a tough task to proceed. But with the assistance of a consultancy, you can make it possible without any hassle. 


Pice Educare & its’s Services 

Google once and you can see thousands of MBBS abroad consultants available in the market. But choosing the right consultancy is a tough job. Some websites might look great but they can claim hidden charges. 

Our consultancy has been assisting students since 2010, without any fake or hidden charges. Besides consultation, you don’t need to invest a single penny as every consultation is absolutely free.  


  • Free Counselling: We never demand any donation or hidden charges. From the first consultation to college admission, everything is free. You will just provide the fee of the student. 


  • Direct tie-up with the medical colleges: We have a direct tie-up with 100+ medical colleges abroad. So there are many options for you to choose from.


  • Hassle-free admission process: Reading about the entire admission process you must have understood studying MBBS abroad involve a lot of hassle. But with Pice Educare hassle becomes a myth. 


  • FMGE / NExT Exam Support: NExT Exam gonna be a single-window exam for people who want to pursue MBBS abroad and practice in India. Pice Educare will assist you with all the information. 


  •  5 + 1 Years of Support: The entire MBBS course includes 5 years of theoretical studies and 1 year of internship. Throughout the course, you will receive the support of Pice Educare. 


  • Education Loan Assistance: Studying MBBS needs a high but affordable budget hence loan assistance is also available. If you are unable to pay for MBBS admission abroad we can assist you to apply for a loan. 


  • Pick-up & Drop Facilities: We make sure that every student reaches their destination safely hence we arrange everything. In the package you will choose for MBBS admission, all these facilities will be included there.  


As you can see above, Pice Educare can assist you in regard to every single detail hence it’s considered the best study abroad consultant.

Whether you choose Bangladesh, Nepal, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, or any other foreign country, we can assist you to take admission there. 


Do you want to know country-specific information? Then contact us at +91 9614910910 | +91 9932625163. We will solve your every query with


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