Top 5 Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh


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MBBS in Bangladesh

More and more Indian students are opting for joining MBBS courses in different medical universities of Bangladesh. Unlike in past when students in India tried to get admission in different medical universities of the country, they are now exploring the options of enrollment in foreign universities as well. Many study abroad counsellors are offering diverse services to simplify the process of admission, acquiring student visa and accommodation in foreign countries.

Bangladesh being a friendly neighbour of India, students prefer to get admission in medical universities. Below-mentioned are top 5 reasons of studying MBBS in the universities of Bangladesh:

1. MCI Recognition:

One can practice in India after obtaining a MBBS degree in a foreign country only if the Medical Council of India or MCI has recognised the degree from that particular university. Fortunately, most of the medical universities in Bangladesh have been recognised by MCI. However, before enrolling in a medical university in Bangladesh, Indian students must ensure that it has been granted an MCI recognition. MBBS degree owners could start practicing in India after clearing a screening test arranged by MCI.


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    2. Familiar Medium of Instruction:

    One of the biggest advantages of studying MBBS from a university in Bangladesh is that the entire syllabus is taught in English. Thus, even if Indian students have no knowledge of the local language- Bengali- they can easily follow the classes.

    3. Course Fees of MBBS:

    We all know that the expense of higher-studies is extremely high in India. Compared to the fees amount of medical colleges in India, it is more affordable in Bangladesh. In addition, one can pay the fees based on a one-time or multiple installments as per the discretion of the university. So, the fees structure is more flexible here in Bangladesh.

    4. Excellent and Similar Exposure to Clinical Diagnosis:

    A perfect training in medical science is completed only when the student gets an exposure to treat varied types of diseases. Bangladesh medical colleges are affiliated with hospitals where Indian students get enough exposure to treat patients suffering from various types of diseases.

    Being a tropical country like India, the diseases encountered in Bangladesh are more or less similar. The structured training facilities available in the Bangladesh hospitals are of highest quality where highly qualified medical professionals teach and train students.

    5. Good Quality of Food, Means of Transport and Accommodation Facilities:

    Bangladesh is well-connected with India via railways, roads, air and waterways. It is very easy to reach here and visit India during holidays or some emergency.

    One of the predominant issues appears when students do not get Indian food in foreign countries. This is not a problem in Bangladesh as both the countries follow more or less similar food habits. The hostels in medical colleges serve Indian food and there are enough number of restaurants to try out local and Indian dishes.

    The accommodation fees in Bangladesh is lower compared to Indian universities. Their quality is good as well.

    The Indian students who want to study MBBS in Bangladesh can get in touch with the counsellors for overseas education in India to gather the entire knowledge about steps and processes. Their services are invaluable for a hassle-free experience of higher-education in a foreign country.

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