All About MBBS Admission In Bangladesh


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All about MBBS admission in Bangladesh

If you want to study MBBS in Bangladesh then this article gives you all about MBBS admission in Bangladesh. If there are any further queries you can contact PiceEducare today.


All about MBBS admission in Bangladesh guidance

About Bangladesh

Once you decide to study MBBS in Bangladesh then you need to know all about MBBS admission in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is situated in the south of Asia. It is a neighboring country of India and situated in the East of it. There are several waterways present and the country is full of greenery. The whole country is divided into three sub-regions. The climate of the country is also very good.

MBBS in Bangladesh

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is a lucrative option for all students who want to study MBBS. A large number of students from all over the world are choosing Bangladesh as their study destination. The cost of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is quite low. It varies for USD 30000 to USD 50000. The universities that are present in Bangladesh are approved by MCI (Medical Council of India). Not only this the colleges of Bangladesh are also recognized by other well-known bodies like Education Council for Medical Graduates, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, Medical Council of Canada, World Health Organization, and so on.


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Why you should select Bangladesh for MBBS?

#1. The standard of education and the quality of education that I provided in Bangladesh is of great quality, It provides huge scope to the students who are studying medicine there.

#2. The cost of MBBS in Bangladesh is very cheap as compared to other countries. The fee structure of MBBS in Bangladesh fits into your financial constraints.

#3. The students who are completing MBBS from the colleges of Bangladesh get the experience of international seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. This gives them great exposure.

#4. The universities of Bangladesh provides gives top-class education to the students. The infrastructures of the colleges are of great quality.

#5. The accommodation and the livelihood cost is also very less in Bangladesh. Which is quite affordable or the students.


Top medical college of Bangladesh


Top medical college in Bangladesh

All about MBBS admission in Bangladesh must include the top colleges of Bangladesh in the list. The top MCI approved MBBS college of Bangladesh are a follows-

#1 Enam Medical College

#2 Green Life Medical College, Dhaka

#3 Popular Medical College, Dhaka

#4 Anwar Khan Modern Medical College, Dhaka

#5 Medical College For Women and Hospital, Dhaka

#6 MH Samorita Medical College

#7 TMSS Medical College, Bogra

#8 Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College, Gazipur

#9 International Medical College, Gazipur

#10 Southern Medical College, Chittagong

#11 Jalalabad Raghib Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet

#12 Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Sylhet

#13 North Bengal Medical College, Dhanbandi, Sirajgunj

#14 Eastern Medical College, Comilla

#15 Ad Din Sakina Medical College, Jessore (Girls)

#16 Ad Din Women’s Medical College, Dhaka

#17 Jahurul Islam Medical College, Bajitpur

#18 Monno Medical College, Manikgang

#19 Mainamoti Medical College, Comilla

#20 Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Tangail

#21 Universal Medical College, Dhaka

#22 Central Medical College, Comilla

#23 Dhaka National Medical College, Dhaka

#24 Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College, Dhaka

#25 Delta Medical College, Dhaka

#26 Bangladesh Medical College,

#27 Prime Medical College

#28 Rangpur Community Medical College

#29 Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College

#30 East West Medical College, Dhaka

#31 Dhaka Community Medical College, Dhaka

#32 BGC Trust, Chandanaish

#33 Barind Medical College, Rajshahi

#34 Marks Medical College and Hospital, Mirpur, Dhaka

#35 President Abdul Hamid Medical

#36 Community Based Medical College,

#37 IBN Sina Medical College, Dhaka

#38 Brahmanbaria Medical College

#39 US Bangla Medical College

#40 City Medical College

#41 Zainul Haque Sikder Women’s Medical College, Dhaka


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    Conditions for getting admission for MBBS in Bangladesh

    #1. You need to complete your 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology primary subjects.

    #2. You need to assure 7 GPA in aggregate to ensure admission in the top colleges of Bangladesh.

    #3. You need to ensure a GPA of 3.5 in Biology in the 12th standard.

    #4. You need to be a minimum of 17 years old and the maximum age limit is 25 years.

    #5. You need to have all the documents that are necessary for admission.

    #6. One of the important criteria is that you need to qualify NEET to get admission for MBBS.


    Private medical college in Bangladesh MBBS admission

    All about MBBS admission in Bangladesh also includes the steps for getting admission in the top colleges. The first thigh you need to do is to select a college. PiceEducare will provide you career counseling so that you can choose the best college. Once the college gets selected you will require to fill the application form of that college. You must fill the application form within a specific time. Now the next step includes document verification. You will need several documents like 10th and 12th mark sheets and certificates, admit card, date of birth proof, passport, passport size photographs, and so on. Once you verify all the documents the college will send you an offer letter. With this, you can apply for student VISA.

    The process of getting a student VISA takes 30 days. You will need to get this within this specific time. Now you once you get the VISA in your hand you will need to send it to the specific college. The college will send you the confirmed letter of admission. Now you can start your preparation for on-boarding. With PiceEducare your hectic admission process becomes easier. You will need not have to worry. All the important dates and updates will be taken care of by us. So once you come to us you will now need to take preparation for moving to the destination college.


    Direct admission in MBBS in Bangladesh

    MBBS in Bangladesh direct admission

    There is nothing like direct admission in the colleges of Bangladesh. All about MBBS admission in Bangladesh includes the process of admission also. You need to maintain certain protocols to get admission in the private colleges. First of all, you need to meet the eligibility criteria to apply to any college. Your application will be reviewed y the college authorities and your admission is confirmed. You need to have a valid passport to apply for admission. You also have to complete the process of getting a student VISA without which you won’t get the chance. PiceEducare will ensure that you can get admission to the selected college. It has a team of expert counselor who provides the best counseling to the students. Getting an educational consultancy like Piceducare that provides the best counseling to ensure your admission.

    In this article, there is a brief description of all about MBBS admission in Bangladesh. MBBS admission in Bangladesh provides great opportunities for students. It has its advantages. However, certain eligibility criteria need to be met. Once you get MBBS admission in Bangladesh top colleges, you can come out as a successful doctor. For any admission related queries, you can contact PiceEducare. It provides the best solution for all your queries. Get free career counseling today.


    For detail information please call our college admission help desk +91 – 9932625163 / +91 – 8001192800.


    FAQ on all about MBBS admission in Bangladesh

    #1. Is it essential to meet the eligibility criteria to get admission directly?

    Yes, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria to get direct admission in MBBS.

    #2. Does PiceEducare provide free counseling?

    Yes, PiceEducare provides free counseling to its students.

    #3. Is it helpful to choose educational consultancy?

    Educational consultancy like PiceEducare provides get support to the students who want to achieve a career in medicine.

    #4. Is Bangladesh a good choice for MBBS?

    Yes, Bangladesh provides quality education for the MBBS course at an affordable cost.

    #5. What is the average cost of MBBS in Bangladesh?

    The average cost of MBBS in Bangladesh varies from USD 30000 to USD 50000.

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