The Art of Writing Successful Statements of Purpose


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‘Statement of Purpose’ or SOP is an important part of the international admission process. This is a hot topic for the Indian students who are opting for admissions in foreign universities. Given the popularity of medical studies in Bangladesh, Nepal, China and Philippines, Indian students are consulting with overseas consulting firms and getting a proper guidance for writing a good SOP.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

Students who want to get enrolments in foreign universities should attach a well-written Statement of Purpose along with the admission form. Herein, one must clearly mention the reasons for choosing that particular foreign university, the reasons for opting for the subject and the future objectives after successfully attaining the degree.

What is the utility of SOP?

The success of getting enrolment in a foreign university depends upon the combination of an excellent academic record and a good Statement of Purpose. The admission officer of the respective university assesses the documents in relation to your academic career and extra-curricular activities. In addition, a well-written SOP also plays a vital role in convincing him/her to allow you getting admission in the foreign universities.

How to write an impactful SOP?

There is a serious importance of a good Statement of Purpose for achieving your dreams and build your career. Hence, care must be taken to frame it! Let us make a checklist of what to include and what to not with your SOP.

1. The SOP should include the reason behind choosing a particular curse. For example, if you have opted for studying MBBS or MS then not only there must be reasons, there must be some motivational factors also. We all know that the profession of a doctor is one of the most revered ones and many of us aspire to become a medical professional for serving the society. There may be some inspiring personality whom we had met in our life and want to follow his/her footsteps. If you add such motivational excerpts with your SOP, it would help enhance its worth by many times than those devoid of such points.

2. The SOP should include the career decisions undertaken by you till the time when you are applying for the admission. How have such decisions helped you chart a progress in your academic career? All these points should be included in the document.

3. Next important thing is to mention the points that fascinate you about this particular course. You need to briefly elaborate the features of this academic course which have inspired you to go for it.

4. Please do not forget to include the details of a project or an assignment that you have successfully completed regarding the course you have applied for!

5. The tips for writing a good SOP:

– Clear manner of writing

– Avoid grammatical errors

– Write to the point

6. Give your 100% to write a good SOP.

Some overseas admission counselling services in India are offering valuable services to the students at affordable rates and offering guidlines for writing a SOP also includes the list. You need to search for the best one and take care to see that you get only the best services. It is better if you come to meet a person who has directly availed the services.

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