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Gone are the days when Bangladesh was chosen by a few students from Jammu & Kashmir in India, mainly by the students from the minority community. The key reason behind this was inadequate marketing or promotion and misinformation across India. Most of the Indian students, except those living in J&K had no idea that Bangladesh offer MBBS education of global standards. The emergence of highly experienced professional education consultants has resulted in a great promotion of studying MBBS in Bangladesh. There have been a significant increase in the number of queries and enrolments from all over India. An increasing number of students from different corners of the nation are enrolling to pursue mbbs in Bangladesh.

The leading education consultants are focussing on the benefits of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh and removing the misinformation. The admission or selection process of Indian students in Bangladesh for MBBS is quite strict. Most of the universities and colleges in Bangladesh prefer to admit students who have passed 12th standard in the immediate year with high scores in Chemistry, Biology and Physics in both 10th and 12th standard examinations.

Reasons To Choose Bangladesh As The Destination For MBBS Studies

MBBS is taught in Bangladesh in the English language. So, the Indian students do not need to learn any foreign language for studying MBBS in the country. Hindi is also spoken across the country and people living there understand the language well. There is a myriad of universities and colleges in Bangladesh that are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). They also come with well qualified teaching faculty and excellent infrastructure, which MBBS in Bangladesh really worth for Indian students.

The admission process of MBBS in Bangladesh does not require the students to sit for the entrance examination and give the interview. It is a big relief for the students as they need only to score high on the 10th and 12th standard examinations to get admitted to a good educational institution in Bangladesh to study MBBS. The education consultants take up the whole responsibility for the admission documentation and visa procedure. Indian students do not need to face the visa interview process in the Bangladesh Embassy.

The education system in Bangladesh is almost as same as India in terms of study pattern, syllabus, teaching techniques, duration of study and others. So, the Indian students can easily adjust to the teaching ambiance in Bangladesh. Besides the education system, the culture and eating habits in Bangladesh is also very similar to India.

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    Indian students can easily afford the MBBS studies in Bangladesh

    the cost of living and tuition fees in the country is only one-fourth of the cost in India. Due to this reason, a huge number of students from India, Nepal and other Asian countries are already pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh. The country has really grown to be a popular location among the Indian students for pursuing MBBS at reasonable fees.

    So are you willing to study MBBS in Bangladesh? Go ahead to fulfill your wishes. Get in touch with the best education consultants who can ease the entire process of admission documentation and visa procedure.

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