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Pursuing MBBS from a reputed institute abroad is a matter of great fortune. Many students aspire to go abroad for higher studies but they are withheld due to financial constraints, documentation procedure, lack of guidance & other such factors.

In recent times many such agencies & consultancy firms have come up that have smoothened the procedure of studying MBBS abroad. Now there would be no reason to worry if you want to study MBBS in your dream country- be it Bangladesh, Russia, the Philippines, or Canada. Needless to say, a host of advantages are provided to the students studying MBBS from abroad. Likewise, if you are keen on pursuing MBBS in Philippines, you will not be disappointed or regret your decision.

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    Let us look into the advantages granted to the students studying MBBS in Philippines:

    #1. Choicest institutes:

    If you are worried about whether the country has reputed institutes or not, stop fretting over it. The best institute for studying MBBS from the Philippines is at AMA College of Medicine. Not only does it have a convenient location, being located at Metro Manila Central Business Area, but is also affiliated to three hospitals too in Manila.

    #2. Recognition:

    no matter whichever institute you choose, all are MCI(Medical Council of India) & WHO( World Health Organization) approved. Thereby, the awarded degree is recognized by authorities from all over the world as well as ensure a bright career prospect as a practicing doctor in India; also it can preserve your money by safeguarding against theft. For the best training in the Philippines, the majority of the institutes are affiliated with Armed Forces Medical that will enrich the experience of studying MBBS further.

    #3. Financial Assistance:

    If you are applying for MBBS in Philippines through an agency, you are sure to get some financial assistance. This means that you won’t get the direct educational loan but arrangements would be made by the educational agencies for the application of a loan. Moreover, the institutes offering MBBS degrees in the Philippines are quite affordable, equivalent to the cost of studying in India.

    #4. Infrastructural Facility:

    The medical institutes in the Philippines pride themselves in having one of the best infrastructural facilities in the form of over 1000+ hospital beds affiliation. In addition, plenty of hostel facilities are also available to accommodate each & every student comfortably. Availability of Indian food is an added advantage to many Indian students who complain about the lack of proper food. So flooding & lodging is no more a barrier in studying MBBS in Philippines.

    #5. Convenient Distance:

    Most of the medical institutes in the Philippines are located at a convenient location like 2.4 km from Indian Embassy in Makati & 6 km from Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. With such convenient locations of the medical institutes, the distance could never be a hurdle in the way! Also, you could choose a place of stay that is nearby to your institute so that it is easier for you to travel on a daily basis.

    #6. Presence of Indian Officials:

    Another outstanding facility provided to any Indian MBBS student is the access to Indian co-ordinator & office in Makati, Manila. If you wish to present any kind of grievance or suggestion, you can easily do so by approaching the Indian co-ordinator or office & you will never return disappointed.


    With such vast benefits provided to an MBBS student, studying MBBS in Philippines has never been so easier.

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