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If you are looking or the best admission counselor in India then you are absolutely in the right place. You will get excellent carrier guidance with us. Go through this article to know about our services in detail and contact us today.

Are you looking for guidance regarding admission? In search of consultancy? Want to know about Pice Educare?


Your Best Admission Counselor In India 

Pice Educare is the best admission counselor in India. If you are looking for admission consulting service in India to get admission to the top colleges all across the world. Being a student you may be confused about taking admission into different colleges. Your parents cared about your future a lot and you may be afraid that how will you stand out.


Career & admission counseling Guidance by Pice Educare

We will assign you an expert counselor who will interview you for a certain time. Then the counselor will analyze what is the unique part about you, what you want, your interest, and everything. You tally the colleges according to your choices and check whether your competencies will match it or not. Once you become the student of Pice Educare you become our priority. We will stay on top of you until you are attending your first class in college. We assure you once you will get your college it will be the best possible one or you. Admission in the top colleges is becoming harder day by as the number of candidates is increasing. Every student wants the best college so the acceptance of the application is reducing and rejection is increasing. We will make your application stand out as we have a smoother relationship with the colleges.

Call our admission help desk 9932625163 / 8001192800.

Top career counselor in India 

Pice Educare is the top career counselor in Kolkata and so in India. If you are staying in India and searching in google that who is the best career near me. Then here is your answer. Pice Educare is one of the top well-known career counselors who stand against all the odds.

#1. Communication- Our counselor contacts the students and their parents in an effective way. We deliver all the information and update it to you in a highly understandable way.

#2. Acceptance- Our helping profession teaches us to remain non-judgemental while providing counseling to a student. We try to accept our client’s present situation and convey counseling with understanding and warmth.

#3. Empathetic- We make sure that we are conducting the counseling process with compassion and empathy. We keep ourselves in the shoes of our clients to understand their present situation

#4. Problem-solving skills-We develops a good relationship with our clients. That develops a quick inter-personal relationship thus helping in the counseling process. Thus, by our excellent problem-solving skills and understand their needs so that we can provide you the best solutions.

#5. Rapport building skills- We develop a strong relationship with the clients so that you can comfortably share the points of interest freely with us. This will help us to analyze you and suggest a top college.

#6. Flexibility- We provide a flexible process without troubling you or your parents. Everything will become smooth or you.

#7. Self-awareness- We help you to identify your talents. We help you to understand what you need and analyze your competencies. This makes us the best admission counselor in India.

#8. Multicultural competencies- We help you to analyze your competencies. We help you so that you understand what you need and what you want, your capabilities, and so on.


Meaning of counseling 

Counseling is a type of assistance that an expert on that field provides to a needy person. It is provided so that you can make mature decisions and realize your personality. The counselors in Pice Educare are highly experienced and uses the best approach to understand your need.

What is career counselling?

Admission counseling at Pice Educare 

We believe that when it comes to the admission process after the 12th standard an ample number of questions come in your mind. Pice Educare will help you to subside all your doubts. Our expert counselor interview the students, understand their requirements, analyze their needs, match their competencies thereafter concludes. They provide you the best suitable options. We spent hours with our students to understand your need and interest. We are well known for the accurateness in our research and we try to provide you the best information.

The process followed by Pice Educare or counseling is as follows-

#1. We shortlist you the colleges according to your eligibility. We even provide you a list of colleges and respective departments in different states of different countries. At Pice Educare we also prioritize your choice and advice you in safe, moderate, or good colleges. We also let you know the chances of admission to a college chosen by you. So, your time and money can be saved in trying for admission in those colleges. We use a variety of platforms on which we conduct our research process like experiences of previous years students, blogs, websites, student testimonies so that we can provide flawless results.

#2. We provide you essays of services like document assistance, help in financial recommendations, application filling, and so on. Here we also help you getting and filling application forms of the colleges.

#3. To make your process easy by filling up your application form. This makes the filling up process flawless. We also keep you updated on the status of your application so that you don’t miss anything. Always we also keep you informed so that you can easily apply or your student VISA.

Call our admission help desk 9932625163 / 8001192800.

We provide counseling services at our level best

#4. At Pice Educare we ensure that your documentation process is opted for and without any mistake. So, we ensure that all your hard copies of the documents are arranged properly along with the softcopies that need to be uploaded.

#5. We even provide assistance in case of any missing documents or for some papers that will require time to arrange. We help you in any kind of interview that the respective college authorities wish to take.

#6. At Pice Educare we also offer assistance in student VISA as it is the most hectic part of the process. Getting a student VISA in case of abroad education is also provided by us.

#7. Once you get the offer letter we also collect important contacts for you so that your journey becomes easy. We also give you the contacts o the old students, information about accommodation and so on.

#8. To know about the cost from well advance help you to plan your budget accordingly. So we also provide financial assistance to our students.


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VISA assistance 

VISA is something that is required if you want to enter a different country from where you reside. You need to get a student VISA if you wish to study abroad. It is a stamp that needs to be imposed on the passport of the student. We will help you in completing all the formalities needed for getting a VISA. Your application to a particular college abroad is not valid if you do not apply for the VISA of that country.

At Pice Educare you will get the opportunity to plan your travel by arranging all documents and guidance from us. We also help you to avoid last-minute chaos for any documents. We will also help to attain the interview for VISA and prepare for every step. Here we also help you to showcase all your documents, preparation for visa interviews, and so on. We help you on a personal level for visa preparation. We also arrange pre-departure and post-departure arrangements. All students who are going to the same destination get to meet at the airport. We will support you in every step of visa counseling.


Career counseling 

With increasing, career opportunity competition for entrance in various colleges is also increasing. There is no such thing as the best scope or a perfect career. You have to make your career and for that, you need proper guidance. If you will choose a career in which you will get interested then you will able to achieve success easily. You often get into a job that is not suitable for you. To avoid this condition you need to start career counseling at an early stage. We help the students to understand their potential and field of interest to get a successful career.

By implementation rapid counseling rounds we try to understand the need of the students and expectations of their parents. To deal with the career-related issues that are faced by the students we bring a wide variety of solutions. We work for those who are facing challenges in finding a suitable career. We will help you in assessing your characteristics and interest and also selecting the type o job you want to do.



If you are tensed about how to select college and course after 12th standard then you are at the right place. Pice Educare is the best admission counselor in India. We provide a wide range f solution to the admission related queries. Career planning is a very important thing and needs to be started at a very early stage. With proper career planning, you will also able to choose the job of your interest. This will help you to avoid diversion and will direct you to the right path. The expert counselor at Pice Educare will give you proper guidance so, then you can choose the right path. If you start following the right way then nothing can stop you to get the best. Our expert counselor gives the best counseling so that you can understand your need and competencies.


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    #1. Which is the best consultancy to study abroad and India?

    Pice Educare is the number one educational consultancy that provides the best guidance for studying in India and abroad.

    #2. What are the qualities of a good educational consultancy?

    A good consultancy will provide you the right information and proper guidance throughout the admission process. They will also help you step by step process of admission understanding your views.

    #3. Which is the best educational consultancy that will provide career guidance after the 12th?

    Pice Educare provides the best career guidance to the students from science, art, and commerce fields to choose the best departments and colleges.

    #4. Does Pice Educare provide admission support?

    Yes, we provide support starting from choosing college or streams to doing the first class in the classroom.

    #5. Do career consultancies charge rate for counseling?

    Pice Educare does not charge any extra money and you just need to pay the service charge. We provide free counseling to the student and their parents.


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