Best Courses To Study In Australia For Getting Jobs


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Top courses to study in Australia for getting jobs

Studying in Australia has always been a dream of international students. What reasons are there for which students are so eager to study in Australia and to get jobs there? Firstly, Australian universities have a worldwide reputation where the education system propagates internationalization and quality education. Again, international students definitely want to have a good job in Australia because of the good work environment, great salary, and above all job satisfaction. However, before you select your field of study, you need to have a clear idea of the best courses to study in Australia for getting jobs. 

Top courses to study in Australia for getting jobs

If you are interested in studying in Australia and your aim is to get a job there, this article will definitely help you. To get a well paid job you have to be careful while choosing academic courses. There are a large number of courses available in the country. But, Accounting, Engineering, Medical course, Architecture, information technology and computer science, Earth science subjects ,tourism and hospitality management are among the best courses for getting a good career. 


Nowadays, core Accounting and professional accounting are considered as one of the most demanded courses. MLTSSL too, contains the occupation of Tax Accountant and Management Accountant in the list. So, you can understand the importance of pursuing this course. Aspirants who have a masters degree in this course can get well paid jobs in Australia. 


 we all know that there are different streams of Engineering.  But, among these streams some are highly advantageous such as 

  • Civil Engineering and construction project management: 

    Civil engineering is a core type of engineering which has good prospects for professionals. Every year, a large number of international students who have studied civil engineering get a chance to work in Australian companies. Building and property, transport, marine, energy and resources demand international professionals like you. 

  • Biomedical Engineering

Hearing about this field for the first time? However, biomedical engineering is also known as Bioengineering which is an applied science. The main work involves developing systems, equipment and devices to solve clinical issues. You need to know that it is a highly technical field. The field includes the application of principles of engineering (mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer engineering) and traditional science subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. Professionals from this field are highly welcomed in Australia. 


Different streams of Earth Science are available in Australian colleges and universities which can offer you good work opportunity. 

  • Mining and Metallurgy: Being very rich in mineral resources, Australia’s economy highly depends on the mineral industry. Indian students can find this course advantageous to get jobs. Professionals from abroad including India and USA get chance to work in the mining sectors of Australia. 
  • Oil and gas engineering: Australia is also rich in coal, uranium and natural gas resources. Therefore, there is no doubt that a number of oil and gas Engineers from overseas are also invited to work there. 
  • Geology and other Geo sciences: There is constant possibility of oil and gas and mineral exploration in Australia. So the need for Geologists and geo scientists is always there.


The need for medical practitioners are always on the rise in Australia. MLTSSL included the  streams such as

  • Emergency Medicine 
  • Neurology 
  • Intensive care 
  • Gastroenterology
  • Endocrinology
  • General medicine 
  • Paediatrics 
  • Pathology 
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics 
  • Neurosurgery 
  • Orthopaedics 
  • Ophthalmology and so on. 

Therefore, doctors are always welcomed to work in Australia. 

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Job opportunities are even better for computer scientists and IT students. Like any other developed country, Australia too welcomes IT professionals and Computer science professionals from all over the world. You can expect a great salary in this field if you work in the media, telecom, cable, hospitality, and banking sector. 


Natural beauty and calm atmosphere have caused Australia to develop its tourism and hospitality management industry. Furthermore, international tourists are greatly fond of the Australian landscape. The locations such as Hobart, Blue Mountains, Bathurst, Noosa, Gold coast etc are of great attraction for tourists. Professionals skilled in tourism and hospitality management can expect an easy employment here. Near about 60000 skilled professionals were sought in 2020. 


Significantly, almost 90% of the Australian population live away from the urban areas. As a result, there are always job opportunities for architects to develop the architecture of the urban set up. If you plan to study architecture, this can equally be effective while searching for a job in Australia. 

Moreover, there are some other options for students which will provide them with good job opportunities 

  • Psychology is one of the significant courses that offer well paid employment. Some categories are included in the Skill Shortage List of Australia which is – clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, psychotherapist, organizational psychologist etc. 
  • Business management and business analytics is also a good course that a student can pursue in Australia.  The growing business ideas highly demand professionals from this field. Management Accounting, management consultant positions are included in MLTSSL. 
  • Agricultural science gives a number of job openings to agricultural scientists, forestry professionals and agricultural consultants. The professionals  who haven’t studied in Australia can also work under this sector. Most importantly for those who have studied in Australia the chances are wider. 
  • Again, Education sector ( Primary and pre primary schools) also offers jobs to skilled  professionals .
  • The Healthcare industry has certainly an average opening for healthcare professionals from abroad. Physiotherapy is one of the most desired aspects. 
  • In addition, Mass media, public relations and advertisement industries also in good need of skilled professionals from the respective field. 

In brief, Students who are looking for the best courses that can fetch them good career opportunities will be benefited by this article. The best courses to study in Australia for getting jobs have been discussed above. If you want to study in Australia, keep yourself updated with the current job opportunities, top industries, and the best course that suits you. 


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    Q.Can an Indian student find work in Australia after studying in Australia?

    A. The Australian companies are willing to appoint skilled professionals from overseas. If an Indian student has studied in Australia, getting a job there is not too difficult for him/her.

    Q. What are the highest paying jobs in Australia?

    A. Engineers, Medical practitioners and IT professionals earn great in Australia.

    Q. Is studying in Australia expensive?

    A. To some extent. On average, it costs almost 60 lac in INR to complete a bachelor’s degree.

    Q. What about working in the tourism industry?

    A. The tourism industry of Australia can be greatly beneficial for employees. The country’s scenic beauty helps the industry run profitably.

    Q. Is work experience good in Australia?

    A. Yes.  Job satisfaction is available in most of the Australian Companies. 

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