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Do you dream of being a doctor but are confused about the process? You must have heard a number of times that being a doctor is not as easy as it sounds. But, trust me, if you have the enthusiasm to do something in life then no one can stop you from becoming what you want. Furthermore, if you need guidance then a good MBBS Admission Consultancy is always an answer to your dreams. After all, only the Best MBBS Admission Consultancy in Kolkata West Bengal India can help you. Pice Educare is here to take your first step in the right direction to fulfill your dream.

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How to select the best MBBS admission consultancy in Kolkata West Bengal India

While selecting a good MBBS admission consultancy, one should keep in mind a few points:

#1 The legal existence of the MBBS Admission consultancy

#2 The countries that it can give you options of

#3 The number of universities and medical colleges that it has tie-ups with

#4 The kind of goodwill and credibility it holds in the market

#5 The number of years they have had in admission consulting

If you are searching for the best MBBS admission consultants in Kolkata West Bengal India then the above-mentioned points are of utmost priority. MBBS aspirants should not ignore the above.

MBBS Admission in India or Abroad through the Best MBBS Admission Consultancy in Kolkata West Bengal India

For the past 6 years, Pice Educare has been in the field of MBBS admission consulting and has sent a number of students to various colleges in India and abroad. Pice Educare helped them achieve their dreams of getting MBBS admission In India and abroad. It is one of the best MBBS consultants in central Kolkata India for students aspiring to have a career in medicine.

With the kind of credibility that Pice Educare holds in the field of MBBS admission Consulting in India, satisfied students and their parents refer students to them every year. Pice Educare has never failed to live up to their expectations. In fact, the responsibility of Pice Educare is not over as soon as you get admission and all the processes of visa and apostille services are done. Pice Educare takes responsibility for the students until they are reached up to their hostel rooms and attend their first day of college. Even after that if the student still needs help in any way while they are studying in their college of choice. Pice Educare is always there to help and provide constant support.

Pice Educare – Top MBBS abroad consultants in Kolkata

With the rising need of the hour, India currently has a huge dearth of doctors, resulting in huge demand for the career. Pice Educare as one of the top MBBS admission consultancy in central Kolkata India has been able to guide 200+ students for MBBS not only in India but also in countries like Bangladesh China, Philippines, Nepal, Russia, Ukraine Etc.

If you have decided to study MBBS in India and abroad then please note that each country has a separate set of rules related to MBBS admission and Pice Educare guides you all the way through. Below are a few steps that we need to know about:

#A. Qualifying Neet is mandatory

#B. The applicant must be a minimum of 17 years of age.

#C. Neet score is valid for 3 years

#D. Students applying for MBBS admission abroad require to have a valid passport.

#E. Students should have a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology in their 12th standard and in some cases marks obtained in English are also scrutinized.

#F. Students applying for MBBS abroad should behave regular schooling and open schooling is not accepted.

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With these basic points in mind and initial steps, you are all set to initiate the first step and approach the top MBBS admission consultancy in central Kolkata India. Let’s guide you on how you can reach Pice Educare.

Contact details and address of Pice Educare – Best MBBS admission consultancy in Kolkata West Bengal India

If you dream of study MBBS in India or abroad then your search ends here. Pice Educare provides admission guidance and correct information regarding colleges that will help you get admission in top medical colleges without any hassle.

If you decide to visit Pice Educare then please note down the below-mentioned address between 10;00 am – 7;00 pm. Pice Educare is open all 7 days a week just to serve you better.

Corporate Office: 23, Circus Avenue, 5th Floor, Unit C, (Above Aakash Institute’s Central Kolkata Branch) Near 7 Point Crossing, Lower Range, Elgin, Kolkata-700017 West Bengal, India

Branch Office: Berhampore, Chuanpur More, 2nd Floor (Near Utsab Lodge) 742101, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India

Regd. Office: Plassey, Mira Bazar, Local Bus Stand, NH34, Nadia, West Bengal, India

Or you can speak to us and reach out to us on +91 – 9932625163 / +91 8001192800

You can email us at [email protected]  /  [email protected]

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