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We kept on hearing that there is a scarcity of doctors in India. We wonder then why so many aspirants fail to make it to the merit list of the medical colleges in India. Likewise, in the countries such as China, they need doctors to offer their citizens best possible medical services. And unlike in India, there is no reservation system or expensive course fees to deter a student from pursuing an MBBS course. An Indian student could either opt for practising in India or explore the job market of the country where they had completed their studies.

Pursuing MBBS in China

For the Indians, China has been the traditional destination for a short-term course or a fellowship programme. Things are changing fast. The students are joining the formal undergraduate programmes like the MBBS and the higher studies based on the research works.

The Advantages

  • Advanced research facilities
  • Proficient faculty members
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Opportunities to participate in the cutting-edge medical research
  • Scopes to hone the clinical skills
  • MCI recognition (subjected to a particular medical college)
  • Chinese medical colleges recognised by WHO
  • Working opportunities in the European, Australian and North-American countries

The Benefits of the MCI Eligibility Certificate

The Medical Council of India has reduced the uncertainty which used to loom over the students looking forward to join a medical college abroad. There are some colleges which have a questionable authority of imparting knowledge. MCI has prepared the list of selected colleges which guarantee best education to the students. The MCI Eligibility Certificate acts as the paper of guaranty.

The Job Market in China

Many doctors in India aspire to start their practice in China. The country offers excellent facilities for pursuing higher studies in the specialised streams like neurology. After joining a hospital as a clinical clerk, the doctors earn a stipend of more than CNY 2,000 or 290 USD per month that goes on increasing every year. The duration of internship varies according to universities.

The Eligibility Criteria

  • The Eligibility for Language Skills: The Chinese are very particular about their language. An Indian doctor must clear the first-level and the advanced levels of examinations in Chinese. Those who do not have an aptitude for learning a new language, might find it an added burden. However, it is an exciting affair for a student who loves exploring a culture via its language.
  • Accessing the License: There are different regulatory bodies in China which confer the practise licenses to the doctors of foreign origin for medicine or dentistry. The criteria may vary state-wise. The Indian MBBS students and the doctors are expected to complete them in order to earn the eligibility for a future employment.

    Do not let your aspiration of becoming a doctor be at the mercy of a whimsical luck factor. Plan and prepare accordingly. Call the overseas higher education consultants in India and gather additional information. Study abroad and also work there. Whenever you decide to come back and extend your services to your motherland, the doors are always open.

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