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Every year there are thousands of students who aspire to pursue their medical studies from abroad. But unfortunately, the majority of them live in the dark about the right information, the correct application process, and the required formalities. Studying in one’s own country and studying abroad are two completely different things; there is a difference in criteria, eligibility, procedures for application, and admission. The student needs to be aware of the right rules and customs before applying for his/her choicest university abroad. After all the more you are aware, the easier will it be for you to fulfill your dream of studying in abroad.

To ease out the whole procedure, nowadays there is the facility of hiring reliable educational consultants in West Bengal. This facility was not there before and so there was a large number of deserving students being denied the opportunity to study abroad.

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    With respect to hiring education consultancy services, let us have a look at some frequently asked questions.

    Who are overseas education consultants?

    Professionals who possess concerned expertise and knowledge about the international education system are called overseas education consultants in India. They provide just the kind of assistance that a student requires before applying for the right university. This includes vital information about courses, institutes, and application procedures from starting till the end.

    Why you require education consultants?

    With the increasing population every day, there is a rise in the number of applicants also, struggling to secure a seat. It is impossible to beat so many applicants by yourself; one needs to have excellent knowledge and must be perfectly suitable to study the course. It has also been seen that students with average education qualifications have successfully enrolled in their dream institutes with the help of education consultants. This is so because the education consultants are adept and well-informed about their field. They understand what you need, what is best for you, and also consider your choice and suggestions.

    What are the services provided by education consultants in Kolkata?

    Their range of services is wide and varied. These are:

    Assessment of your profile-

    The education consultants will thoroughly go through your educational background including the marks you obtained in the required examinations, your eligibility status for the course type, and which university and country are the best for you. Accordingly, they will discuss and share information with you.

    Selection of the university-

    They provide you a list of numerous universities based on your course choice and also guides you to choose.

    Financial documents-

    They help you to prepare your financial documents that include scorecards and academic transcripts. They also help you to secure education loans and scholarships.

    Application procedure

    They offer assistance in guiding you to apply to your selected university. They inform you how to fill up the forms, where and when to submit, and other important dates.

    Immediate admission-

    They also make arrangements for you to be directly admitted without much trouble or donation since they have tie-ups with the majority of medical institutes abroad.

    Travel, Visa, and Accommodation assistance-

    Many students are not confident about the visa application process and where will they stay in an abroad destination. No need to take any trouble for this because education consultants only help you to obtain your visa and also search for affordable accommodation for you.


    Life without education consultants would have still been darker, confused, and complicated like before. Thanks to such helpful education consultancies that pursuing higher studies is no more a hassle!

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