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Fee structure for MBBS in Private college in India 435

Get to know about fee structure for MBBS in private college and all about the admission process. We offer you the college that will best be fitted in all your constraints. Here is everything you need to know about the admission in the private and government for MBBS.

Are you looking forward to studying MBBS? Want to join a consultancy? Don’t know about the fee structure?


Fee structure for MBBS in private college in India

If you are a medical aspirant and want to study MBBS then first you need to know about the colleges. If you are searching for a private medical college then we will help you in finding every detail. Get to know about the fee structure for MBBS in private colleges. There are a huge number of students who qualify NEET but only a few get a chance in the government colleges due to limited seats. However, you can still make your dream true by taking admission in a private medical college. All the medical aspirants need to plan their admission before commencement. The fees for different government and private medical colleges are different. If the colleges are owned by some political parties then the admission charge gets doubled.


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MBBS fees in private medical colleges in India 

The course fees in the private medical colleges are decided by the individual colleges. The course fees in the private medical colleges cannot be more than a certain amount and they cannot overcharge the students. There are mainly two categories of seats in private colleges that are NRI quota and management quota. All the colleges reserved some seats as government quota where the fees are relatively less as compared with the other quotas.


The fee structure for MBBS in private colleges for different quotas are-


#1. Management Quota:

The MBBS course fees for those students who take admission through management quota is between INR 4,00,000 to INR 20,00,000. However, there can be a little fluctuation in this as it is the approximated value.


#2. NRI Quota:

This quota is for the foreign students who apply from the other countries excluding the country where the college is situated. The course fee under this quota is 25,000 USD.


#3. Government Quota:

A certain number o private colleges reserved some seats which are allocated by the state counseling authority. Though these seats are in private colleges but also the fees are less as compared to the other quota. The fees revolve around INR 10,000 to INR 70,.00,000 annually.


#4. Other:

There is one more quota which is represented another in some parts of the country. The MBBS fees in these colleges range from INR 21,00,000 per annum to INR 40,00,000 per annum.


Government medical college MBBS fees in India

Medical colleges MBBS fees-

Fees in the government medical colleges are the lowest out of all and are subsidized. However, the fees for the state quota and all India quota differs. The fees mentioned here are the tuition fees and hostel accommodation and the food cost is additional.

#1. All India Quota:

The counseling for the all India quota seats is done by DGHS sand not by MCC. The states which are participating in the All India counseling need to inform MCC beforehand about the fees of those seats. The tuition fees for all India seats are lowest in Delhi, Maulana Azad Medical College which is INR 240 per annum. The highest fees are in Goa Medical College, Panaji which is Inr89500 per annum.


#2. State Quota:

The state counseling authority decides the course fee for MBBS for the government colleges situated in that state. It can be INR250 annually in Maulana Azad College, INR4000 annually for state quota in Tamil Nadu. In Maharashtra INR70,900 annually which is the highest. For those students who are taking admission in MBBS Under state quota need to sign a bond with the state government that they will serve the state for a certain period after the completion of MBBS. The Uttarakhand government allows the student to choose not to sign the bond which will need them to pay a course fee of INR4,00,00 per annum. The MBBS fees are the same in all the states except for Uttar-Pradesh where it is INR9000 annually for reserve category and INR18000 for unreserved categories.


#3. NRI Quota:

Every college whether government or non-government needs to reserve some seats for the NRI students. The fees in such colleges range from 20,000USD-75,000USD for the entire curriculum.



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    At Pice Educare we provide you a range of solutions for all your queries for getting admission in MBBS. You know that fee structure for MBBS in Private College varies from college to college and government to non-government. With us, you can find the best-suited college that will fit in your financial constant. We do not need to pay any extra charge for MBBS admission to the top colleges in India. All you need to pay is the service charge.

    So if you failed to secure a seat in Government College still you can fulfill your dream. We will suggest you the best private college from where you will come out as a successful doctor. Your trust motivates us to improve our services and raise our bars. So you can get a seat in the private medical college after getting detailed information about the MBBS fee structure and the admission process.


    FAQ on fee structure for MBBS in private college in India

    Q1. Do Pice Educare admission assistance and also counseling?
    Ans: Yes, PiceEducare offers free counseling along with the admission assistance. It is a well-known educational consultancy in Kolkata.
    Q2. What are the fees in private medical colleges?
    Ans: MBBS fees in private medical colleges in around 40 Lakhs to Rs 64 Lakhs where for government colleges it is just Rs 4 Lakhs or the whole course.
    Q3. What are the best colleges in India for studying MBBS?
    Ans: As per ranking All India Institute for Medical Science, Delhi, and Christian Medical College, Vellore are one of the best colleges in India.
    Q4. How many medical colleges are present in India?
    Ans: There are around 1567 medical colleges in India where 996 are private colleges and 571 government medical colleges.
    Q5. Which MBBS specialization is the best?
    Ans: MBBS is a generalized format degree. There is no specification for MBBS.


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