Get Direct MBBS Admission In Russia For Indian Students


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Get MBBS admission in Russia

MBBS admission in Russia 2020-21

The medical aspirants can make their dream come true by MBBS admission in Russia 2020-21. Pice Educare provides all the necessary guidance or a hassle-free admission process.

Introduction to MBBS in Russia

The MBBS program of Russia is an economical, simple, and lucrative option for medical aspirants all over the world. One of the best things about MBBS in Russia is that you can apply in 896 popular universities that are spread across 85 regions of Russia without any capitation fees. The medical aspirants in India found the option of MBBS in Russia quite attractive. MBBS admission in Russia 2020-21 already started.

All you need now is to grab your seat in the top colleges. Russian Federation or Russia is a country situated in northern Eurasia. It is a republic country with 83 federal subjects. Due to high medical standards, sophisticated teaching methodologies, scientific approaches, and excellent standards of education Russia have gained a reputation in the whole world. The admission procedure and entrance test procedure in Russian universities attract students across the world.

Benefits of MBBS admission in Russia 2020-21

Around 16 Lakhs students are struggling for only 35, 000 government seats available in India. There are many universities available for you in Russia, but choosing the best one at the tender age might be difficult for you. Once you complete your 12th education and qualify NEET, the struggle for medical seats starts. The private colleges of India demand high donation fees and studying MBBS in Russia is a great alternative option for that. The benefits of MBBS in Russia are as follows-

#1. The ancient heritage universities in Russia are one of the oldest universities in the world. It maintains a great quality of education along with the affordable cost.

#2. The MBBS colleges in Russia provide an MBBS degree that is recognized all across the world. Russian colleges are also enlisted in the World Directory of Medical School and also recognized by the Medical Council of India, IMED, and other medical bodies. The universities also allow the students to practice in India.

#3. Cost of living is quite affordable for the student and their parents. The living cost in Russia also does not falls heavy on your pocket.

#4. Medical insurance is also provided o the students who study MBBS in the Russian colleges. This insurance covers all your treatments during your stay in that country.

#5. Advanced teaching methodologies are offered in the colleges of Russia. This attracts the students across the world to study MBBS is the top universities of Russia. The universities of Russia has world-class facilities and gives the best atmosphere for research purpose.

Some more Benefits of MBBS in Russia

#6. The teachers and the faculty members of Russia are highly skilled. They are well trained to provide standard education to international students. They trained the students to handle situations in a better way. The Russian teachers are also very fluent in English thus it is very helpful for the Indian students.

#7. The teachers provide individual attention to each student so that they can understand the syllabus.

#9. In Russia, you will not face a language barrier in the college because English is the medium of instruction in the colleges there. You can also learn the local language of Russia as this will be helpful for you and you will get exposure to the Russian language.

#10. The Russian colleges also focus on practical knowledge by giving the live training the reputed and top hospitals.

#11. Education in Russia is not only focused on the MBBS syllabus but also helps the students to get knowledge on the MCI screening test. The faculty members in Russia ensure that the students also become familiar with the syllabus of FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination), USMLE, etc.

#12. There are so many religious issues in Russia. Russia is a welcoming country and wholeheartedly accepts every student visiting the country.

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Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia

Before choosing Russia as a destination for MBBS you must know about the admission process of medical universities of Russia. The criteria for admission in the medical universities of Russia for the Indian students are as follows-

#1. For the students from the unreserved category, you must secure 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

#2. For the reserved category (SC/ST/OBC) students, it is mandatory to secure 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This is made mandatory by the Medical Council of India.

#3. In 2019 onwards NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is mandatory or the students who wish to study MBBS in India or abroad.

#4. The student will not require to appear in any other entrance examination.


Why studying MBBS in Russia is considered to be valuable

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study MBBS in Russia?

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Admission process MBBS admission in Russia 2020-21

Pice Educare gives you a simple and easy admission procedure. The below steps suggest how you can have hassle-free admission with us.

Step1:- You can come to us and we will suggest the top colleges of Russia that will fit your budget. We also help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of getting an MBBS degree from a particular college.

Step2:- You need to fill up the application form of the college where you want to get admission. You should ensure that you are filling up the correct information.

Step3:- You have to ensure that you are submitting the correct documents like the 10th mark sheet, 12th mark sheets, all required certificates, NEET scorecards, etc.

Step4:- If you do not have a passport then apply for it once your registration is completed. Please note that you can still apply to a college if you don’t have a passport.

Step5:- Now you have to wait for the admission letter or the invitation letter from the college where you have applied for MBBS. Now you would require to apply or VISA.

Step6:- You need to arrange some documents for the VISA application. The documents include an online visa application form, passport, medical fitness certificate, and a recent passport sized photographs.

Step7:- The last step for admission is VISA stamping which is done in the Russian Embassy, New Delhi.

Documents required for MBBS admission in Russia 2020-21

Before you go for admission in Russia, do not forget to carry all the below-mentioned documents with you. The list of documents are as follows-

#1. A valid passport of a minimum of 18 months validity.

#2. Mark sheet and certificate of class 10.

#3. Mark sheet and certificate of class 12.

#4. Birth certificate

#5. 10 recent passport-sized photographs.

#6. Invitation letter of the college in Russia.

#7. The documents need to be affiliated by the Ministry of Externa Affairs, New Delhi.

#8. The documents need to be legalized by the Russian Embassy.

#9. VISA fees

#10. Bank receipt of the tuition fees paid by you.

#11. HIV test documents.

Top colleges in Russia with the fee structure

Bashkir State Medical University- 1,50 ,000 -2, 00, 000 per year

Perm State Medical University- 2,00 ,000-3, 00, 000 per year

Stykvyker State Medical- 1,50 ,000- 2, 00, 000 per year

Mari State University- 1,50 ,000 -20, 00, 000 per year

Orenburg State Medical University- 3,50,000 – 40, 00, 000 per year

Northern State Medical University (Biingual) – 2,00,000 -3, 00, 000 per year

Tver State Medical University (Biingual)- 4,50,000 -5, 00, 000 per year

Smolensk State Medical University (Biingual)- 3,50,000- 4, 00, 000 per year

Kursk State Medical Biingual- 4,00,000- 5, 00, 000 per year

Volgograd State Medical University (English)- 4,00,000 -4, 50, 000 per year

Ryazan State Medical University (English)- 2,50,000-3, 00, 000 per year

 Dagestan State Medical University (English)- 2,00,000- 3, 00, 000 per year

 I M Sachenov Moscow State Med University (English)- 6,00,000 – 7, 00, 000 per year

St Petersburg Medical university (English)- 6,00,000- 7, 00, 000 per year

Crimean Federal University (English)- 1,50,000- 2, 00, 000 per year

Pirogov Russia NRM University (English)- 3,50,000 4, 00, 000 per year

Irkutsk State Medical University (English)- 2,00,000- 3, 00, 000 per year

Kazan State Medical University (English)- 3,50 ,000- 4, 00, 000 per year

People’s Friendship (Bilingual)- 6,00,000 approx.

get admission in to MBBS medical colleges of Russia

Top Medical universities of Russia

To become a successful doctor it is very important to build a strong foundation for the student. The university plays an important role in building up the medical career of the student. Some of the handpicked options for colleges that will be best suited for the Indian students are as follows-

#1. Crimea Federal University, SIMFEROPOL.

#2. Volgograd State Medical University

#3. Bashkir State Medical University

#4. Kazan State Medical University, KAZAN.

#5. First Moscow State University

#6. People’s Friendship University, MOSCOW.

#7. Northern State Medical University

#8. Orenburg State Medical University

#9. Perm State Medical University

#10. Siberian State Medical University

#11. Mari State Medical University

#12. Ryazan State Medical University

#13. Altai State Medical University

#14. Ulyanovsk Medical University

#15. Belgorod State National Research University

#16. Dagestan State Medical University

#17. Tambov State University

#18. Astrakhan State Medical University

#19. Irkutsk State Medical University

#20. Kuban State Medical University

#21. Kursk State Medical University

#22. Saratov State Medical University

#23. Izhevsk State Medical Academy

#24. Rostov State Medical University

#25. Omsk State Medical University

#26. Kazan Federal University



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    Secure your seat for MBBS admission in Russia 2020-21

    Every student who dreams of their medical career wait for the NEET examination. But you can miss the admission date for admission to many top colleges in different foreign countries. Delay in admission due to the NEET result will result in a loss of 1 year. Pice Educare will help you to reserve your seat and give you the admission letter if you want to get foreign admission in the later stage. As we know that securing a seat in government colleges of India is not easy so will keep you plan B ready if you do not make it through NEET 2020. It will be a smart decision for you to keep an alternative plan ready.

    Recognition received by the top colleges of Russia

    Before you select a college to study MBBS, you need to look into certain parameters. You should look into the affiliation received by the college. The medical regulatory bodies that affiliated mist of the top universities of Russia are as follows-

    #1. Ministry of Education, Russia

    #2. ECFMG (Educational omission for Foreign Medical Graduates)

    #3. MCI (Medical Council of India)

    #4. WHO (World Health Organization)

    #5. FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education Research)

    #6. WFME (World Federation of Medical Education)

    Study Pattern for MBBS in Russia

    Course duration

    It takes 6 years to complete MBBS in Russia. In the starting 3 years of the course, the students get enriched with the theoretical knowledge of medicine. The next three years are focused on the practical knowledge enhancement of the student. Each year is divided into 2 semesters which means that there will be 12 semesters in all. The whole course is designed in such a way that all aspects of a medical career is met for the student.

    Study Pattern

    The students who study MBBS in Russia follows the CCE pattern. The whole batch is subdivided into small groups and each group consists of 1215 students. Each group has their time table and teacher assigned. It is important or the student to maintain a 100% attendance. The student needs to appear in exams at the end of each semester. You need to qualify for the exams to get your MBBS degree.

    For detail information please call our MBBS admission Helpdesk: +91-9614-910-910

    MBBS syllabus

    1st year: The 1st year of MBBS education in Russia consists of basic subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, Physics, Public Health, Histology, Latin, Anatomy, etc. There are other subjects included for the overall development of the team like Philosophy, History, Russian language, Physical Training, Economics, etc.

    2nd year: The syllabus for 2nd year is more focused on metabolic processes so include subjects like Physiology, body functioning, Tropical Biology, Immunology, Hygiene, Biochemistry, etc. Other subjects include Psychology, Bioethics, Medical Law, and the Russian language for doctor-patient communication.

    3rd year: The syllabus of 3rd year gives deeper knowledge on subjects like medicine and diseases and has subjects like Pathology, Microbiology, Pathological Physiology Internal disease, Pharmacology, Pathological Anatomy, etc.

    4th year: The syllabus of 4th year consists of practical knowledge. It includes subjects like General Surgery, Dermatology, Tropical Anatomy, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Neurology, etc. Student learns and gets expertise in each department by practicing on a rotational basis. The students also prepare the case history of the patients and get to learn the cases more deeply.

    5th year: The syllabus for 5th year includes subjects like Paediatrics, Anaesthesiology, Operative Surgery, Urology, Clinical Physiology, Gynaecology, Medical Psychology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Narcology, Radiology, etc.

    6th year: Sixth year which is the last year o MBBS includes subjects like infectious diseases, Forensic Medicine, Surgery. This year also compromises of the internship program.

    Scholarships programs for MBBS admission in Russia 2020-21

    Many students dream of getting admission in the top colleges of foreign countries. One of the main problems that arise is the financial issues for a middle-class family. Russian colleges allow you to get scholarships according to your merit. Some of the scholarship programs that you will be eligible for are as follows-

    #1. The Russian Federation government allows you to get a state-level scholarship.

    #2. The foreign students including students from India get the opportunity to ensure a scholarship program that covers tuition fees and accommodation costs of the students.

    #3. Education grants are accepted by some of the colleges so that the student can complete their education.

    Education Loans for Studying MBBS in Russia

    The universities in Russia assist in education loans for students who wish to pursue a medical career in Russia. For availing the loan you will have to submit certain documents. The loan is provided by many banks and financial bodies in Russia if you complete the eligibility criteria. The national and private banks avail educational loans for the students. In addition to this PiceEducare will help you to get the educational loan from various financial bodies.

    Career scope and PG courses after MBBS from Russia

    Once you complete your MBBS from Russia you can choose to complete your post-graduation from any country including India. The career scope after MBBS from Russia are as follows-

    #1. You can practice MBBS in Russia and become a professional doctor

    #2. You can prepare for USMLE by staying in your country

    #3. Prepare for PLAB

    #4. You can return to India, sit for the MCI screening test to practice in India

    #5. You can choose to complete MD/ MS from any other country

    Study in top MBBS medical colleges in Russia

    Studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students

    The advantages that you can enjoy being Indian in Russia are as follows-

    #1. You don’t have to appear in any entrance exam

    #2. You will not have to pay any capitation fees or donation fees.

    #3. The course fees are subsidized and affordable by the students.

    #4. The MBBS degree of Russia is recognized all over India.

    #5. The living style in Russia is European.

    #6. You will get an Indian canteen serving Indian food.

    #7. Russia shows the excellent result in MI screening test

    #8. You can get several ex-students who have completed MBBS from Russia and working in a different part of the world including India.

    #9. The degree of MBBS is recognized by several well known medical bodies.

    #10. You can surely get a VISA of Russia

    FMGE passing rate after MBBS from Russia

    FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) is a compulsory examination that you have to qualify after MBBS from abroad to practice in India. You need to have all the documents that are asked by the National Board of Examination to get qualified in FMGE. The stats of FMGE passing rate in 2019 is as follows as given by NBE

    #1. 13, 364 students appear for the examination.

    #2. 2767 number of candidates passed the examination.

    #3. 9006 number of students failed the exam.

    #4. 1161 results of the students are withheld.

    #5. There are 430 absent candidates

    #6. The overall passing percentage is 20.7 %


    Services provided by Pice Educare

    Pice Educare is a leading educational consultancy that ensures the admission of all medical aspirants in top colleges abroad and India. Some of the services that are offered by us are as follows-

    #1. Provide persona counseling to the students

    #2. Guaranteed admission to the top colleges in abroad

    #3. VISA Assistance

    #4. Form filling and Documentation assistance

    #5. Payment protection

    #6. Pre-departure and Post departure assistance

    #7. Travel assistance.


    For admission enquiry please call our Overseas MBBS admission Helpdesk: +91-9614-910-910

    Student Helpline: +91-9932-625-163



    #Q. What is the course duration of MBBS in Russia?

     Ans:-The course duration for MBBS in Russia is 6 years which includes 5 years of academic course and 1 year of internship.

    #Q.Is there is a need for language tests to be qualified to study MBBS in Russia?

    Ans:- No, There is no need to appear in any language test to study MBBS in the top MBBS colleges of Russia.

    #Q.Is it compulsory or the student to learn Russian?

    Ans:- No earning Russian is completely dependent on your choice. However, the colleges use English as the medium of instruction.

    #Q.Can I get educational loans to study MBBS in Russia?

    Ans:- The universities in Russia provides the required documents that will make you eligible for loans from private and national banks.

    #Q.Is the Russian MBBS degree accepted in all countries?

    Ans:- Yes the MBBS degree is recognized all over the world as it is recognized by WHO, MI, and UNESCO.

    #Q.Can you complete the internship from India after MBBS in Russia?

    Ans:- Yes, you can do so after qualifying for the MCI screening test.


    Why studying MBBS in Russia is considered to be valuable

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