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Along with the students who are on the verge of framing their careers, their parents are equally worried about their choice. The parents of students who want to study abroad should approach a reputed study abroad consultant to collect relevant information and remove all confusions for once and for all. Following suggestions may come in handy for the parents of the students applying for graduate or post-graduate degree courses in foreign universities.

Stay Updated

Pertaining to different countries chosen for study abroad, parents should get information on curriculum, educational infrastructure, quality of faculty, career scopes, etc before going with the choice. The easiest way to gather information is the internet. This will make a solid ground for preliminary homework. Later on, one should approach reputed study abroad consultants in India for getting expert advice.

It is important to ascertain the career scopes available after the student returns back to India. However, some students get job offers in the same country from where he/she has successfully earned the degree. Still, it is prudent to get information on career scopes back in India. Take for example, students who want to study MBBS in eastern Asian and SAARC countries should know that MCI or Medical Council of India recognizes a medical degree earned from Bangladesh. Metropolitan cities like Kolkata based study abroad consultants have a deeper knowledge on these issues. As a parent, you should approach a study abroad consultant based in Indian metros to stay updated with relevant information.


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    Let Go

    It is important to let go of Indian sentiments and be strong. It’s understood that with the arrival of the date of departure, parents tend to be nervous and worried. It is a normal phenomenon and you should take it sportingly. Be supportive of your child’s career decision and stand with every ups and down in the way of career goals. Do not be sentimental and do not expect them to call you regularly.

    Smart Packing

    The mantra is to pack it light and pack it smart. Preparing a checklist will be a smart decision so that no necessary object is left out and no unnecessary object is packed in.


    Homesickness is a common phenomenon among Indian students studying in foreign universities. It could pose serious psychological health issues. Thus, ensure you communicate with your children regularly. Apart from common channels of communication, take the help of latest apps and internet calling solutions to stay in touch. Along with these channels, social media networks offer cost-effective means of communication with the loved ones staying in far countries.

    Managing the Finances

    Impart knowledge about smart management of finance to your children. Prepare checklists for the commodities which are necessary and mark out the unnecessary ones.


    It is the duty of every parent to make their children aware of their responsibilities. More so, when your children are going to study in foreign universities. Herein too, an extensive research on internet will help a lot.

    Food Habits

    It is better to mentally prepare yourself and your children that every time they are not going to get their familiar food items. In this scenario, it is better to tell them buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the markets.

    Preparation for Home Return

    Going by the experience of study abroad consultants in West Bengal and other states of India, students returned back from foreign universities are up for a cultural shock. They suggest the parents be supportive of this sudden change and give their children time for recovery.

    Parents must understand the psychology of their children. Sometimes, it is better to be friends than guardians. Hope the guidelines will help you better prepare for the stint of your children in foreign universities.

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