How To Get Permanent Residency In UK After Study


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Permanent Residency In UK

When you study abroad, you definitely look forward to getting a permanent residency there. Usually, this takes place with most international students. International students are highly interested in studying in the UK. Also, they fin a keen internet in working there after they complete their studies. The country offers you a wide range of academic courses and work opportunities. So, when students study in the UK, most of them find ways to stay there permanently. So, how to get permanent residency in the UK after study is our concern today.

How To Get Permanent Residency In UK After Study

The international students having the status of permanent residents can live and work in the UK permanently. Once they get Permanent Residency In UK After Study, they won’t have any immigration limitation on working or business in the UK. Candidates can then stay in the UK with no time limits on stay. So we will delve deep into the topic.

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    Getting a PR in the UK is not a much-complicated process like getting a green card in the USA. There are some eligibility requirements that you have to meet if you want to get a PR in the UK. We will talk about the steps necessary for getting  permanent Residency In UK After Study


    It is needless to say that you have to secure your admission to a UK institute first. Check the eligibility criteria for different colleges or universities. See whether you meet them or not. Different universities have different eligibility criteria and requirements. Check with their respective websites for detailed information. The 1t Step to get PR is to apply for admission. Look at the best colleges and universities in the UK. Visit their websites and choose the best one for you. Here are some best universities in the UK.

    #1. University of Oxford

    #2. University of Cambridge

    #3. Imperial College London

    #4. UCL

    #5. The University of Edinburgh

    #6. The University of Manchester

    #7. King’s College London

    #9. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

    #10. University of Bristol

    #11. The University of Warwick


    After you ensure your admission to a college or university in the UK, apply for a student visa. It is also not a much difficult process. A Tier 4 student visa is the longest stay visa. It will also help you to get PR in the UK. You should apply for it at least 3 months before the course begins. Before you apply for a student visa, please make sure that you have

    #1. You must have a valid passport

    #2. You have the Latest Passport size photographs.

    #3. Must have secured a place on a course in the university of UK

    #4. Must have enough money to support yourself during your studies.

    #5. proficient in the English language

    #6. You are 18 or above.

    You have to meet all these requirements.

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    When you study in the UK, you can work also. You can Work and Study simultaneously. You can work for 20 hours per week during your study. Your work experience will make a difference during your employment after your studies.


    After you complete your study, you need to work somewhere. To get employed, you have just 12 months after your tier 4 expires. You can apply for a work permit after study in the UK. International students have a huge benefit from (PSW). Permanent employment in the UK is only open for tier-2 visa holders.


    It is a work visa that allows the student to work in the UK. International Students can apply for the Tier-2 visa after they complete their studies. After they get a tier-2 visa, they can apply for permanent employment in the UK region

    APPLY FOR Permanent Residency In UK After Study:

    Those who have stayed in the UK for at least 5 years can apply for PR. To become a permanent resident, you should get the ILR(Indefinite leave to remain Visa). There are 3 requirements that you have to fulfill to get a PR. They are

    #1. A full-time job,

    #2. a good code of conduct

    #3. no criminal record

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    FEES FOR Permanent Residency In UK After Study: 

    When you apply for PR, you have to pay a processing fee. It is near about 2389 Euro. You will need to pay more if you decide to make an in-person application.

    Getting Permanent Residency In UK After Study is not a difficult process, no? What do you think? We hope our attempt to help you out has been successful. If you can meet the requirements for getting a PR, then go for it confidently.

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