Why Indian Students should Migrate to Foreign Universities?


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In the development story of India, there are some paradoxes. Probably the biggest issue is related to finding out the best educational institutes for higher studies. The students who score good marks in their HS exams hardly find out worthy universities in India. In addition, a degree earned from a foreign university tends to give them better opportunities in the job market. Let us find out the reasons in detail.

The Reasons for Departure

1. The lack of prestigious medical/engineering universities

Bright students seldom find prestigious universities in India to study undergraduate or doctorate courses. Whatever high-ranked universities we find in India, do not possess enough seats to accommodate all the aspiring students.
With respect to the fields of engineering, fundamental science, or medical studies, only a few Indian universities are there that are recognized by the international ranking system. In the fields of humanities and social science, some Indian universities offer valuable education. No such luck to those who want to pursue engineering or medical studies.
All-India Institute of Medical Science, the Indian Institute of Technology, or the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research are some of the internationally recognized prestigious higher studies universities in India. However, the number of seats available here is too less to serve a vast pool of bright students. A big chunk of students never get admission and are deprived of quality education.


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    2. Fewer job opportunities

    A degree from a prestigious foreign university opens up many doors of opportunity. Given the cut-throat competition in the Indian job market and a huge population of millennials, there is a saturation point. The students who have earned engineering/medical degrees from average institutes, often find it hard to get suitable jobs. Many youngsters are forced to pursue different professions.
    A degree from a foreign university also opens up the job market of that country as well as helps one to land a dream job in a first-world nation. For example, there are many Asian medical universities that are recognized by the WHO. The successful pass outs could start practicing in the USA, Australia, or some European countries.

    3. Cost-effective

    Unlike Indian universities that offer education at high-cost, their Chinese or Bangladeshi counterparts are less costly. In China, the cost of medical education is half of what it needs to be paid in the private medical colleges of India.
    Compared to the traveling expense paid for reaching a European, Australian, or North-American country, the cost of reaching an Asian nation is lesser. Hence, one can visit his/her home without making a hole in the pocket.
    There are many ways to earn pocket money in a foreign country while you study there. Hence, no need to worry about the expense of foreign studies.

    If you are planning to study in a foreign university, better to contact career consultants. There are renowned organizations in the Union Territory of Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu. Those residing in the eastern parts of India may approach some able educational consultants in West Bengal.

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