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Doctors have always had immense value in our society in the past, present and even in the future. Becoming a doctor has always been considered as a prestigious profession. To fulfill the dream of becoming eminent doctors, students are increasingly going abroad to study MBBS, a sought-after course in the discipline of medicine. The reason? Because of a better career opportunity. When it comes to studying MBBS abroad, more often than not, students prefer to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh.

Rather than studying MBBS in one’s own country, students from India, Nepal, China and other places are going to Bangladesh to pursue MBBS degree. The number of overseas MBBS applicants in the top colleges of Bangladesh is seeing a rise with each passing year. The country has become a popular destination to study MBBS for many important reasons.

Why are students preferring to study MBBS in Bangladesh?

1. Affordable fee structure: Course fees is one of the major reasons why students are preferring to study MBBS in Bangladesh. MBBS is a course that entails a huge cost. Not all students can afford to study MBBS as it is one of the most expensive courses to study. While Indian private medical colleges, for instance, charges high MBBS course fees, it is not the same scenario in Bangladesh. Medical education in Bangladesh is quite affordable, provided you choose the right medical college.

2. No language barrier: Many students dread to learn a new language before visiting a foreign country to study MBBS. Students who had pursued an MBBS degree from other abroad countries have confessed to encountering communication problems. But that is never the case in Bangladesh. Before you go to study MBBS in this country, you will be pleased to know that English is the main language of communication. Course lessons are taught in English by the professors and people can understand and reciprocate in English too. In other words, you don’t have to learn the native language of this country.

3. MCI & WHO approved colleges: Before selecting any abroad country to study MBBS, it is always important to check the number of recognized medical colleges present in that country. Fortunately, Bangladesh has numerous MCI and WHO recognized colleges. This means the MBBS degree that you will get, it will allow you to practice in India as well as other overseas locations. This is also one of the main reasons why students are opting for MBBS study in Bangladesh.

4. Top-class infrastructural facilities: The medical colleges in Bangladesh have first-class infrastructural facilities. The classrooms are well-maintained and the laboratories have all the latest equipment. Besides, most of the medical colleges in Bangladesh have a faculty of highly qualified teachers, professors and even doctors.

5. Internship and practical training: To become a doctor, just doing theoretical studies is not enough. The more practical experience you have, the better will you retain what you’ve learned in your class. That is why most of the medical colleges in Bangladesh give special importance to practical training and offer internships in the final year to provide a student with useful working knowledge.

Conclusion: These are the main reasons why students are preferring to study MBBS in Bangladesh rather than in one’s own country. In recent times, Bangladesh is one of the countries that has shown great improvement in the field of education. With so many reputed medical colleges offering MBBS course at an affordable price, no wonder why the country has become one of the top destinations for medical students. To know more about the countries where you can study MBBS, visit Pice Educare

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