Marine City Medical College Admission For Indian Students


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Marine City Medical College

Marine City Medical College

If you are planning to take admission to one of the most renowned medical colleges in Bangladesh, namely Marine City Medical College Then the article will give you every possible key point you need to know before your admission.

Introduction to Marine City Medical College

Marine city Medical College is one of the most popular non-government colleges in Bangladesh. The college was established by a group with a motive to serve Bangladesh with world-class medical education research and treatment. when Bangladesh’s government alone was not capable enough to provide the best medical facilities then the private sectors like Marine city had to come forward. This hospital is being the fourth wheel of the medical structure of the country for years. With time it has been the most attractive medical study point for worldwide medical aspirants. The college’s vision is to serve the country with the most skilled doctors at a reasonable price.


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    Affiliation of Marine City Medical College

    Marine City Medical College comes under the affiliation of Chittagong Medical University and Chittagong University. Also, it is recognized by the BMDC (Bangladesh medical and dental council), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and WHO.

    College Infrastructure

    Marine City Medical College has one of the largest college campuses in Bangladesh. On the campus, it has a six storied academic building attached with the hospital of 250 beds. Also, there is a 20 stories super-specialized hospital.  the campus is situated in Chandra Nagar, East Nasirabad, Bayazid Bostami in Chattogram which is famous for its historical value.

    The multi-storied college building is separated into different departments of medical science. Every department has its galleries, well-equipped laboratories, museum, audiovisual lecture room, practice room, dissection hall, and many more. Also, there is a good build canteen, gaming room, common room for the students and the doctors. They also provide an outstanding library facility that offers 24 x 7 high-speed internet with the subscription of online study applications. The library facility doesn’t stop here, it also has thousands of reference books, a collection of worldwide journals, plates, DVD collections, and a lot to provide the students a quality education. On the same campus, it has a playground and a well-furnished hostel.

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    Departments of the college

    The college has all the vital branches of medical science

    #1. Anatomy

    #2. Biochemistry

    #3. Physiology

    #4. Forensic Medicine

    #5. Community Medicine

    #6. Microbiology

    #7. Pharmacology

    #9. Pathology

    #10. Surgery

    #11. Medicine

    #12. ENT & Head Neck Surgery

    #13. Ophthalmology

    #14. Gynae and Obstetrics

    #16. Orthopedic Surgery

    #17. Neurosurgery

    #18. Orthopaedic Surgery

    #19. Paediatric Surgery

    #20. Dermatology

    #21. Dentistry

    #22. Radiology

    #23. Laboratory Medicine

    Medical College Admission

    Course curriculum

    The curriculum is just similar to all the colleges under DGHS you can download the curriculum from the link below

    Marine City Medical College course curriculum


    Academic Council of the College

    The members of the academic council are-

    #1. The principal of the college

    #2. Chairman

    #3. All professors

    #4. Head of the Departments

    #5. Academic Secretary (Member Secretary)

    #6. Senior Assistant Professors

    #7. The Board Members

    Foreign student admission process study abroad consultancy in Kolkata

    The government of Bangladesh and the education board keeps some rules and regulation for admission in the govt. or private colleges of Bangladesh. So the norms you need to follow are as follows-

    #1. To get admission to Marine City Medical College you have to complete 12 years of schooling certificate which is equivalent to the higher secondary examination of Bangladesh.

    #2. In O Level (SSC) certificate you should have a minimum of 5 Subjects.

    #3. In the 10+2 (HSC) certificate you must need to have PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, and BIOLOGY.

    #4. You should have a minimum of 7GPA in HSC and SSC equivalent exams.

    #5. Also, you should have at least 3.5GPA in Biology.

    #6. The Student has to pass the medical entrance examination from his own country (NEET for Indian students.)

    #7. Lastly, the student needs to have a student visa to study in Bangladesh. To apply for the visa you have to send all your documents to the Bangladesh embassy for verification.

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    All the required documents for admission

    You need to have all the documents attested by the education ministry of the country from where the student belongs to.

    #1. Class 10 and 10+2 certificate.

    #2. College graduation certificate(if have any).

    #3. All mark/grade sheets and the passing certificates.

    #4. NOC or the school leaving certificate from lastly you completed your study.

    #5. 2 copies of passport size photos.

    #6. A copy of a valid passport or the application paper.

    #7. Lastly, you have to download an application form from the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry, from their official website. There you need to fill in the name of your college and the course name and the duration of education.

    #8. You have to pay a little amount to DGHS to reissue your equivalency in Bangladesh compared with your original education certificates.

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    Marine City Medical College for Indian students.

    Bangladesh is the best place for medical study for Indian students. Firstly the atmosphere condition of India and Bangladesh is quite same. Most of the people of Bangladesh uses Bengali as their common language and also comfortable with Hindi so as an Indian you will not face any problem communicating with the peoples there. Also as an Indian student, you will not be alone in the college, because already there is a lot of student from India in different departments.


    Marine City Medical College is the best you have chosen for your higher education. As an education consultancy Pice Educare is working with the college for the last six years. We helped more than 400 students to complete their education at this college. Whichever country or whichever college you are choosing for the foreign study you can connect to us for any help.


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