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MBBS in Bangladesh vs MBBS in other foreign countries-which is better and why?

Introduction to MBBS abroad

Students who have an interest in the medical field choose to study MBBS. Thus, MBBS provides scorching opportunities to all medical aspirants. Due to limited government seats in India and huge competition students fails to secure a seat. However, do not worry, you can still make up for your dream of becoming a doctor. MBBS Abroad And MBBS In Bangladesh is alternative to study MBBS for Indian students. However, you need to choose the befitting country and college where you can get standard education. MBBS is a popular undergraduate degree course. It is offered by almost every country. Bangladesh is the neighboring country to India and offers the MBBS degree to Indian students at a very low cost.

MBBS in Bangladesh

If you are planning to study MBBS then you have a lot of options to choose from. Some of the expensive countries include the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. You can choose to study MBBS from countries like Bangladesh. Bangladesh being the neighboring country of India is a hot destination for MBBS among the students. The colleges of Bangladesh are recognized by several medical bodies like MCI, WHO, etc. You can practice in India after completing MBBS from Bangladesh.

For this, you need to clear the MCI screening test. The percentage of students clearing the FMGE after studying MBBS from Bangladesh is high. The study pattern in India and Bangladesh is quite the same. The environment and culture in India and Bangladesh are quite similar. Thus the students find it easier to cop up. The Bangladeshi colleges follow the MCI syllabus. The popular universities of Bangladesh are Dhaka University – Monno Medical College, Rajshahi Medical University – Barind Medical College, and KhwajaYunus Ali Medical College, Chittagong Southern Medical College, etc. which offers standard and quality education to the students.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Bangladesh

Some eligibility criteria need to be strictly followed for MBBS in Bangladesh. There are certain rules and regulations set by MCI that you need to follow to study MBBS in the reputed colleges of Bangladesh or any abroad countries. The eligibility criteria are as follows-

#1. The students need to complete the SSC examination with 60% marks and Physics, Chemistry, Biology & compulsory English subjects.

#2. You need to a minimum of 17 years old to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

#3. You need to qualify NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) examination to study MBBS in any part of the world. Clearing NEET is made mandatory by the MCI from 2019.

    For Any Information Call 9932625163/8001192800 or Submit the Form Below

    Admission process for MBBS in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh MBBS Admission Process

    To make careful thought in the selection of college in Bangladesh Pice Educare will help you. You should go or the best college in Bangladesh for a bright future. Once you choose the college, you need to fill your choice of college in the application form. You can get the application form to apply for the colleges on the official website of Deputy High omission of Bangladesh. Just fill the form thoroughly and attach the required documents. Now you need to submit all your documents attested by the Indian Educational council.

    The Bangladesh education commission checks the equivalency of your certificates. If everything goes well the institution will send you the invitation letter. Soon after which you have to confirm your seat by paying the admission fees. Please note that the charge you paid as an admission fee is non-refundable. Now next you have to apply for the VISA to study MBBS in Bangladesh. The process of VISA application is tricky and Pice Educare can help you through this. Once you get your VISA in hand, you are set to fly to Bangladesh and get your MBBS degree.

    Course duration and Syllabus for MBBS in Bangladesh

    #1. 1st phase: This compromise of 1½ year of the whole course duration. The subjects included during this phase are Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry. You need to appear and qualify First Professional MBBS examination to move to the next level.

    #2. 2nd phase: This phase compromise of 1 year. Subjects included in this duration are Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine. You will have to appear and clear the Second Professional MBBS exam to move to the third phase.

    #3. 3rd phase: This phase compromise of 1 year. Subjects included in this duration are Pharmacology & Therapeutics Pathology Microbiology. You will have to appear and clear the third Professional MBBS exam to move to the fourth phase.

    #4. 4th phase: This phase compromise of 1½ years. Subjects included in this duration are Medicine & Allied subjects, Surgery & Allied subjects, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. You will have to appear and clear the fourth Professional MBBS exam to go for the internship.

    For Overseas MBBS Admission Enquiry Please Call or WhatsApp: +91-9932-625-163

    Student Helpdesk: +91-9614-910-910

    Comparative study of different countries offering MBBS

    The cost to study MBBS in the private colleges of India is quite high as compared to the foreign colleges. Some colleges in Bangladesh are recognized by MCI and provide world class medical education to the students.

      MBBS details in Bangladesh Philippines MBBS details MBBS details in China Ukraine MBBS details  MBBS details in Russia
    Local language English Filipino Chinese Ukrainian Russian
    Climate Same as India Medium Cold #Cold Cold
    Requirement of screening test FMGE MCI Screening Test Required MCI Screening Test Required Screening Test Required MCI Screening Test Required Screening Test Required
    Pre-Medical No 1.5 Years No #No No
    Examination or admission No Yes (NMAT) No #No No
    Faculty Ph.D. or MD/MS Filipino Chinese Ukrainian Russian
    Degree oered MBBS MD MBBS MD M.D
    Course Duration for MBBS 5 Years 5.6 Years 6 Years 5.8 Years 6 Years
    Approximate tuition fees 5 to 7 Lack annually (approx.) 4 to 6 Lack annually 4.5 to 6.5 Lack annually 5 to 6 Lack annually 5 to 7 Lack annually
    Accommodation and living cost 50 to 70 Thousand per year 2 to 2.5 Lack Per Year 1.5 to 2.5 Lack Per Year Per Year 1.5 to 2 Lack 1.5 to 2 Lack Per Year
    Post Graduation Valid MD Not Valid Not Valid PG Not Valid Not Valid
    Course curriculum followed MCI Pattern Their Own Chinese Their Own Russian
    Teaching Methodologies Govt. Univ. Pvt. Univ Normal Pvt Normal
    Exam Pattern for MBBS Theory Clinical, and MCQ Basic Theory Theory Only Theory Theory
    Salary expected after MBBS (approximately) INR 70,000


    40,000 INR (approximately) INR 30,000 (approximately) 30,000 INR (approx) INR 30,000 approximately)
    MCI Passing Rate 85% 20% 25% 19% 18%
    Student capacity 90-150      400    200    300     250


    Top MBBS colleges in Bangladesh

    #1. Bangladesh Medical College

    #2. Barind Medical College

    #3. Community-Based Medical College

    #4. Dhaka National Medical College

    #5. Eastern Medical College

    #6. Enam Medical College

    #7. Green Life Medical College

    #8. KhwajaYunus Ali Medical College

    #9. Kumudini Women’s Medical College

    #10. Medical College for Women’s Uttara Dhaka

    #11. Monno Medical College

    #12. Southern Medical College

    #13. Sylhet Women’s Medical College

    #14. Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College  

    #15. Uttara Adhunik Medical College

    Top MBBS colleges across the globe

    #1. University College London (UCL)

    #2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    #3. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

    #4. Yale University

    #5. Johns Hopkins University

    #6. Stanford University

    #7. University of Oxford

    #8. University of Cambridge

    #9. Imperial College London

    #10. Harvard University

    Why you should study MBBS Bangladesh?

    #1. The education standard of Bangladesh is good as compared to other countries.

    #2. Bangladesh offers an MBBS degree at a low cost as compared to the other countries.

    #3. The universities in Bangladesh provide an international standard of education.

    #4. It gives you the golden opportunity to find employment in India and foreign.

    #5. Excellent infrastructure and modern equities make it a great option.

    #6. It gives the state of the art facilities to the students to learn the practical.

    #7. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh help the students to craft their future in a better way.

    Benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh over other countries

    #1. The MBBS degree will be recognized by several well-known medical regulatory bodies like WHO, UNESCO, MCI, etc.

    #2. There is no separate entrance examination like ILET or TOEFL to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

    #3. There is no capitation or donation money to study MBBS abroad.

    #4. Students studying MBBS in the top colleges of Bangladesh get the opportunity to complete their internship from different multinational hospitals.

    #5. The Bangladeshi colleges have great infrastructure, accommodation facilities as compared to the other developed countries.

    #6. The hospitals also have great indoor and outdoor facilities for the patients.

    #7. The distance between Bangladesh and India is quite less and you can fly to Bangladesh within 2 hours.

    #8. The local language of Bangladesh is Bengali and the colleges use English as the medium of instruction.

    #9. You can easily avail of Indian food in the colleges of Bangladesh.

    For MBBS Admission Enquiry Please Call or WhatsApp: +91-9932-625-163

    Admission Helpdesk: +91-9614-910-910

    Services provided by Pice Educare for abroad or Bangladesh admission

    #1. The service of Pice Educare starts from providing career counseling to admission assistance.

    #2. We continue transparent communication with our students and do not pass any false information.

    #3. We provide VISA assistance so the students do not face any difficulty.

    #4. We also support the students to fill up the application form and get the required documents attested.

    #5. We arrange a pre-departure and post-departure meeting to help the students.

    #6. We make sure that you do not miss any important date.

    #7. We assist to complete your dream of becoming a doctor.

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