MBBS In Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi Dhaka


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Bangladesh Medical College

MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi Dhaka is one of the great choices for you. It will fulfill all the expectations of studying MBBS in Bangladesh. This article can be a great help to know more about this college.

MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi Dhaka admission details 

Basic information of MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi Dhaka

Bangladesh Medical College is a well-known college situated in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. It is established in the year 1986 and showing tremendous improvement since then. The first batch for MBBS started in the year 1987. You can study MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi Dhaka which is under Dhaka University. The faculties of Dhaka Medical College has adapted the Medical and Dental Council Bangladesh curriculum since 2002.

The academic year starts in January and ends in July the month of next year. Admission process starts in December. The college got the recognition from World Health Organization. This college provides amazing opportunities to the foreign as well as the local students. The hospital also provides great treatment to the patients at an affordable cost. Students can complete their internship from the same hospital.

Recognition of Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka Dhanmondi

In the year 1986, the college got recognition from the Medical and Dental Council of Bangladesh. The college also got a place in the World Directory of Medical School which is published by WHO. Students who will acquire their MBBS degree from Bangladesh Medical College will be eligible for registration for a limited period with the United Kingdom General Medical Council. You can also get a chance to sit in the United States Medical License Examination or USMLE.

Accommodation facilities for patients

Within the same campus of Bangladesh Medical College, there is an attached hospital in the Dhanmondi campus. Two six storied buildings have a capacity of 500 inpatients. Out of the two-building one building is named Community Welfare and Health Care Centre or CWHCC has international standards for providing treatment to the patients. There is an excellent department with experienced doctors or outpatients included in the inpatients’ department. The hospital has a unique characteristic of a mobile hospital which is fully air-conditioned and has all the technologies for the treatment of the patients.

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Classrooms of this college

The lecture halls of MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi Dhaka are fully air-conditioned and has a large TV screen with which professors take your class. There are 5 classrooms in total. In the departments, there are attached tutorial rooms available. There is also an Anatomy Dissection hall to provide training to you. Departments like Pathology, Biochemistry, obstetrics, Physiology, etc. are well equipped and full of instruments. The classrooms and the lecture hall have an overhead projector, screen, and microphone for explaining something to the students’ audio visually. Computers and multimedia projectors are also present to enhance the learning experience of the students.


On the first floor of the academic building, there is a centrally air-conditioned library. The library has a collection of thousands of books including monographs, magazines. International journals and so on. There are around 6674 books and 16 medical internationals journals come every year. At a time the library can accommodate 115 peoples. Where 100 seats are or students and 15 are reserved for teachers.

The library is also attached to the Medical Education Unit. There are 5 computers in the Medical Education Unit which can be used by both faculty members and students. The students also get unlimited access to E-mails, Fax, and the Internet. A huge collection of student data is present in the MEDLINE database. The learning materials are present in several videocassettes.


Bangladesh Medical College admission for foreign students


Admission process of Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka Dhanmondi

Foreign students: Within Bangladesh the government there has set the rules and regulations or admission of the foreign (Indian) in both public and private medical colleges. The process of admission or foreign students is as follows-

#1. If you have a passport from the country that has a diplomatic relationship with Bangladesh, then you can apply for the MBBS degree in any public or private college of Bangladesh.

#2. You need to complete your 12 years of education in school and the grades obtained should be equivalent to the Bangladesh counterpart (SSC or Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary School Certificate).

#3. Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College are as follows-

#3.1. SSC or ‘O’ level or any equivalent examination needs to be passed with a minimum of five subjects.

#3.2. HSC or ‘A’ level or any equivalent examination needs to be passed with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

#3.3. The minimum required GPA in HSC and SSC is 7.

#3.4. The minimum required GPA in Biology is 3.5.


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    #4. You will need to perform some steps for the admission process in Bangladesh Medical College –

    #4.1. You will need some photocopies of the documents that should be approved by the Ministry o foreign affairs of that Country. Documents like mark-sheets and documents of SSC and HSC level, copy of the valid passport, school leaving certificates, age proof, and passport size photographs.

    #4.2. You will need to fill up the application form from the website of the Bangladesh Ministry of foreign affairs. There you will require to fill up your choice.

    #4.3. You will require to pay the application fees by making the draft in favor of Director General of Health Services and need to collect the receipt.

    #4.4. Now you will need to submit the application form, attested documents, payment receipt to Embassy of Bangladesh that is situated in your country. This is necessary for checking the equivalency of the marks and getting approval from the Bangladesh government. This job can be done by PiceEducare so, that you do not face any trouble.

    #4.5. Now, you will require to send your mark sheet, passport, and your intention letter to Bangladesh. This will book your seat in advance.

    #4.6. Now you will need to wait for the permission of the Ministry of foreign affairs Bangladesh. If your equivalency matches then the Bangladesh Medical College will proceed with the admission process.

    #4.7. The admission fees change every year though, the change is very letter.

    The course curriculum of Bangladesh Medical College

    The college takes the exam in three stages. There are two exams between each professional examination. After completion of the 1st year of the course, the first Professional MBBS examination takes place. The subjects included are Biochemistry, Physiology, and Anatomy. Once you complete three and a half years of the course you will need to appear for the second professional MBBS exam. The subjects included here are Pharmacology, Toxicology, Community medicine, Forensic medicine, Therapeutics, etc. At the end of the fifth year of the course, the final professional MBBS exam takes place.

    The subjects included in this exam are Surgery, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, and medicine. The subjects included under Pathology are Chemical Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Haematology, and General Pathology. Subjects included under Microbiology are Immunology, Parasitology, Mycology, Clinical Pathology, Virology, etc. The subjects included under medicines are Paediatrics, Dermatology, Venereal disease, Physical medicine, Internal medicine, and Psychiatry.

    The surgery includes Blood transfusion, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesiology, Radiotherapy, Orthopaedics, Traumatology General, and Regional surgery. Family planning and Neonatology are included under Gynaecology and Obstetrics. You will also require a one-year internship after which your degree will be validated. Here you can also be eligible for Stipends during the time of the internship.


    Fee structure of Bangladesh Medical College


    Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka MBBS Fees

    In the case of local students, the amount of the fee is charged as per the instruction of the Health Ministry of Bangladesh.

    In the case of foreign (Indian) students, the fees that you need to submit at the time of admission is around $20,000 to $30,000. Now you will need to pay some amount of money at the end of each year. The total course fees are around $40,000 to $50,000.You can contact Pice Educare for MBBS in Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi Dhaka.

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    Library Rules

    Students are allowed to use the library in all the days of the weeks. The library is open from 8 AM to 8 PM. The library remains closed for Fridays and national holidays. Students are permitted to seat in the library and read books. The students will even be allowed to issue books from the library which they need to return within a definite time.

    Guidance for the students

    To guide the students in a more personalized way both in academic and non- academic matters a group of around 10 students is placed under the guidance of a teacher. The students can meet their guide teacher during college time and can ask help regarding any difficulties they are acing.

    The students cannot take private tuition from the faculty members. Students have to follow all the rules and regulations of the college strictly. Students will be penalized if any violation of the same is done. The nature of the punishment of three types-

    #1. The students are only warned by the college authorities.

    #2. The students will be fined if any damage to the property is done.

    #3. In extreme cases, the student can be rusticated from the college.

    Penalty that the student will get will be there in the testimonial. The condition under which the students are removed from the college are-

    #1. Without any prior information if you remain absent or consecutively 3 months.

    #2. If any violation of the college disciplines is done by the students, in extreme cases he/she can be expelled from college.

    #3. If without any information you do not pay the fees of the college for three months then the college authority can remove your name from the register.

    The executive head of the college is the principal of the college itself and he has the right to intervene in any decision taken by the academic council of Bangladesh Medical College. College manages the finance by itself and it does not keep any net profit.

    There is a staff selection committee that selects the teachers and staff. However, the qualification of the teachers should meet the guidelines set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.

    The teacher-student committee in Bangladesh Medical College

    The academic Council of Bangladesh Medical College forms the teacher-student committee at the start of every academic year. They only decide the number of committees that need to be there. A single committee compromises of only one teacher and 3-4 students. Each student from each year is selected to add them to the committee. A single student cannot be part of two committees so as the teachers. The committees get an annual budget for arranging different functions, activities, etc.

    Participation of Guardians

    The college open-heartedly accepts the guardian’s advice in some of the college affairs that can affect the students. A guardian committee is also there who meet and discuss important topics every year. The guardians select the members of this committee. These members are invited in meetings with the college authorities whenever needed. This Guardian advisory committee is changed every year.

    Parent-teacher meetings

    In these meetings, the parents and the teachers meet and discuss various aspects. Their discussion revolves around how the students can get more knowledge and become more successful doctors. Guardian even suggests some improvement plan for academics of the students.

    So, we can sum up as Bangladesh Medical College is one of the best option that is available or MBBS in Bangladesh. It offers great opportunities and facilities along with a learning environment for you. There are great professors and teachers to guide the students in every possible way. The fees of the college are affordable. So, if you want to get admission counseling or any further queries you can contact PiceEducare. We provide step by step support to the students or admission.

    Contact our MBBS admission help desk +91 – 9932625163 / +91 – 8001192800.

    FAQ on MBBS In Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi Dhaka

    #1. Where is Bangladesh medical college situated?

    Bangladesh Medical College is situated in Dhanmondi, Bangladesh.

    #2. How many Professional MBBS examinations take place during the whole course?

    There is three professional MBBS examination during the whole 5 years course.

    #3. What is the total cost or tuition fees of Bangladesh Medical College?

    The total cost of Bangladesh Medical College is around $40,000 to $50,000. The food and accommodation cost is extra.

    #4. What can be the easiest process of admission to Bangladesh Medical College?

    You can contact PiceEducare for admission in Bangladesh Medical College for a smoother process and without any hassle.


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