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MBBS in Kazakhstan

Nowadays, studying MBBS abroad has become a popular trend and the reasons are justifying enough. With the hope of earning a lucrative salary, better employment opportunities and enjoying superior standards of living, medical aspirants are mostly travelling to abroad destinations like Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Philippines and USA to study MBBS. One such country that is also included in this list is Kazakhstan. Medical students from India and elsewhere are migrating in large numbers to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

What are the reasons for the popularity of MBBS in Kazakhstan?

No abroad country can become a preferred choice for a medical student unless there are certain positive aspects. Likewise, certain advantages are granted to students who go to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. These are:

1. The medical universities are recognized by MCI, WHO, UNESCO and other governing bodies which means a student’s MBBS degree from Kazakhstan is accepted all over the world.

2. The MBBS course fee is also affordable when compared to that of Indian private medical colleges or other universities in UK and USA.

3. The medical institutes in Kazakhstan pay more attention to the practical training of emerging doctors. Hence a student pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan, is guaranteed of receiving international exposure through practical training and internships. This will further create a concrete base in the student’s medical career.

4. The country is also reputed for maintaining a cordial relationship with other international medical institutes. Hence a student receives the opportunity of going for exchange programs in other universities and attending international seminars and conferences.

5. On the personal front, the cost of living is also reasonable.

6. Indian students will have no problem in finding Indian cuisines.

7. English is the common language of communication here.

8. Overall Kazakhstan is a safe country for students coming from elsewhere. Parents can live without much worrying when their children come here to pursue their MBBS course.

Things that you should know before applying for MBBS in Kazakhstan

Important note: There are many medical universities in Kazakhstan and so the deadlines vary from one institute to the other. But generally, the admission is closed by 15th July in most of the universities.


To pursue medical education in Kazakhstan, you must:

1. Obtain a minimum of 50% marks in PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY and BIOLOGY in class 12 exam from any recognized affiliation-ICSE, CBSE or others.

2. For SC, ST and OBC, the required percentage is 40%.

3. You must be at least 18 years of age.

Required Documents

The documents required to pursue medical study in Kazakhstan are:

1. Xeroxes of your passport

2. Passport sized photograph

3. Birth Certificate

4. Class 10 and 12 marksheets

5. Bank statement

6. Clearance certificate of police that you have obtained after receiving the passport

How will you get benefitted after studying MBBS in Kazakhstan?

1. The MBBS degree that will be awarded will make you recognized worldwide.

2. The qualification will be highlighted in your CV that will create a positive impression upon your employers.

3. The international exposure that you will receive will raise your confidence.

4. Compared to the MBBS cost in India, there is a huge difference in the total cost that you will have to pay when pursuing MBBS study in Kazakhstan.

5. Finally, you will be the doctor that you have always dreamt of- a doctor with a degree from abroad, knowledgable, confident and efficient with an impressive personality.

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