NEET UG Exam 2021 preparation strategy


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How to Prepare NEET UG Exam 2021

NEET Exam 2021 preparation strategy

Do you aspire to a medical career? Then you must be aware of the competition level for the medical entrance test. We talk about medical entrance test, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET remains at the top of the list. Medical aspirants consider NEET as a lucrative option because of the list of opportunities it provides. It is a wise idea to start preparing for NEET at an early stage. So, let’s start preparing for the NEET examination with some brilliant tips.

Study tips to get 600+ score in NEET 2021

Students who want to clear NEET must have started their preparation in full swing. But you will require some expert guidance to start your preparation. Here are some study tips to score 600+ in NEET 2021.

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    Important Key points For NEET UG 2021

    #1. Identify your productive hour by trying studying in the early morning, day, night, evening, etc. Studying in your most productive hour will help you to get the best result. Be 100% focused on your preparation. Try and avoid any kind of distraction that can affect your studies.

    #2. Break down your study hours into smaller sessions based on your concentration power at a time. Take small breaks of 10 minutes, 15 minutes to keep your mental balance steady. This will help you to increase your concentration power.

    #3. Make your goals clear and make your schedule according to that. If you’re any reason you miss your 1-day schedule, try and cover it up the next day. Get a reality check at the need of the week and comparing what you have planned and what you achieved.

    #4. NEET exam is all about your basic knowledge. The ground step to clear the NEET examination will be getting a clear concept of the topics. Read NCERT thoroughly and you can also rely upon the study materials provided by the coaching centers.

    #5. One of the key tips to clear NEET is to read NCERT thoroughly. Don’t even miss a line. Studying examples, summary and diagrams are very important. To learn some hard to remember the word, phrases or statements use Mnemonics.

    #6. Try to understand the concept by reading the theory again and again. Try to learn the topics which are within the syllabus. Don’t get confused by reading unnecessary staff.

    #7. Try solving sample questions. Once you solve it yourself, refer to easier methods of solution.

    Some More Key points.

    #8. Spend a lot of time practicing. It plays an important role in NEET preparation. This will help you to nourish your knowledge and imply their application. This will also create a sense of confidence to solve any type of question.

    #9. Appearing in the mock test will increase your speed, accuracy, and time managing quality.

    #10. For the last moment, revision makes short notes of formulas, short tricks, important dates, names, etc.

    #11. If you have joined any coaching classes then make sure you revise them every day. Don’t collect a lot of study materials to read in one day. Try to do your assignments and homework on time. Ask your teachers and friend for help if needed.

    #12. Plan your revision early. Keep revising the old topics along with learning the new ones. Make charts, tables, and posters of some topics and keep them in your glance for remembering purposes. Try and avoid repeating mistakes.

    #13. Take care of your physical health and we all know health is wealth. Get good sleep of 7-8 hours and start fresh every day.



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    Subject wise study tips for NEET-UG 2021


    The first thing is to read NCERT 2-3 times before you move on to some kind of reference book. Keep in mind that in NEET any line is picked up as a question. So, you need to have a thorough understanding of each line of the NCERT book. Practice the MCQs from the NCERT book and coaching center study materials. Make notes of every topic and revise them.


    Physics is all about concepts. Acquire the theoretical knowledge which is there in your syllabus. When you are encountered with physics questions try to understand the topic and probable concept which can be used to solve it. Practice sample questions regularly by setting a time limit. This will increase your speed and analyzing quality. Good books of Physics include H. C Verma and the study materials of the coaching center.


    The best practice to master the NEET syllabus of Chemistry is to understand the topic, memorize the formulas, and practice. It is recommended to study the NCERT textbook for Chemistry. It is also important to practice and attempt new types of questions from coaching modules. For the organic chemistry, part study all the reaction mechanisms properly. Make notes of every chapter you study and revise them frequently.

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    Important tips: Study all the topics of NCERT for any clarification you can consult coaching centers. Once you are done with a chapter make notes o the important points and concepts and revise whenever possible.



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