Foreign Exchange (Forex) Assistance

If you face any kind of currency issue, we can help you out.

Your dreams of studying abroad may face several adversities but it is our job to ease the process. At Pice Educare, we have solutions to each and every problem of yours. Foreign exchange or Forex is one such area where a student requires maximum assistance. Thereby at Pice Educare, we ensure you remain updated with the latest information about effective services and exchange rates. We also have tie-ups with Forex agencies and dealers to help you get maximum assistance with respect to wire transfers, traveling cheques, international debit cards, currency note and demand drafts.

In India, many parents are taken aback at the decision of sending their wards off to study abroad because of the several issues that arise from it. That is why Pice Educare has spread its network over all the realms of overseas education assistance that any student may need. Starting from Visa to Forex, we provide all kinds of relevant information to ease the anxiety of parents. Furthermore, you can also turn to us regarding any other help you need and we will customize our services accordingly.

Coming back to Forex assistance, our team of experienced professionals sees to it that you get immediate help with respect to foreign exchange at the best rates.

Some of the services that we can make available to you are:

  • Foreign Currency Cash
  • Foreign Currency Travellers Cheque
  • American Express Global Travel Card
  • Cobranded Prepaid Forex Cards
  • Cash to Master

We have good relations with the different agencies providing these services, thereby ensuring promptness and affordability. We will also update you with relevant data regarding foreign exchange rates from time to time. You can count on us in any kind of situation, as our professionals will provide you with detailed analyses and pricing patterns besides making available to you reliable foreign exchange dealers who will cater to all your Forex requirements.

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