Lucrative Discounts

We can arrange for discounts in your fees structure. Yes, we have a good relation with the college management that we can make use of.

Studying abroad can be pretty expensive. A higher percentage of Indian middle-income families cannot afford such an education even if their children deserve it. And the result? Well, they end up either working in small private firms for their entire lives or teaching their kids how to adjust within limited resources. And, this trend has been continuing since time immemorial. People think higher education is a luxury that they cannot afford. But, it is rightly said, “If there is a will, there is a way”.

The career counselors at Pice Educare provide the students as well as their parents with a deeper insight into this issue that is so prevalent in our society. Nothing can define a better future than education. Besides being able to earn an adequate amount of money, the right education helps people develop their senses and contribute towards the society.

At Pice Educare, we firmly hold that money should not be a hindrance to climbing the ladder of success that education has the power to bring. So, apart from providing you with the necessary information about what career path you should choose, we also use our network to get you lucrative discounts with some of the reputable educational institutes in the world.

Right now, we are in the need of highly educated individuals who can bring about a change in the society. There are numerous students in India who are unable to pursue higher education due to the lack of funds. As we are aiming to bridge the gap between talented students and their dream careers, we have established favorable relationships with the management of renowned universities outside India. This helps us arrange for discounts and scholarships to reduce their financial load to some extent. After all, it is one of our main objectives to create opportunities for everybody irrespective of their class or background. The only thing that matters to us is your determination and your credibility. We believe that education should be made available to all and we use every single opportunity to attain this aim.

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