Placement Services

Our job does not end with career counseling and admission guidance. We can also help you get a placement once you are in the final year of your academic career.

When you are spending you hard-earned resources in the education of your sons and daughters, it is quite natural for you to expect good results from it. These results need not be in terms of money but can be your child’s satisfaction instead. When he or she gets a good placement, nothing can match your excitement, right? Hence, it becomes our responsibility to assure you are going to see that day and revel in the satisfaction it offers.

Pice Educare believes in results. If your son or daughter is worthy enough and is able to prove that with their efficiency and sincerity, we will offer them maximum placement assistance to some highly-acclaimed organizations in the world. Once they complete their degree, diploma or any other course, they will not have to waste their time and energy looking for suitable jobs around the world. In fact, we will use our extensive resources to find them the job of their dreams.

At Pice Educare, we believe in providing top-grade career facilities to every student who can give his/her best to achieve his/her dreams. Hence, our job does not end in getting you admission but also finding you the best job once you finish your education.

Hence, don’t worry if your child gets admission in one of the top colleges or universities outside India with a little help from us. We will be there from start to finish and leave no stone unturned to help them fulfill their ambitions. You can rest assured, you child will not only get the best education but also the most desirable job.

Our founder, Mr. Basiruddin Shaikh, had been an educational evangelist all throughout his life. He had been a brilliant student and a favorite teacher. Even now, he wishes to stand by those students who want to study but cannot afford a higher education because of financial as well as social reasons. Through Pice Education, he wishes to uplift their lives and provide them the scope to educate themselves, get a good job and stand out from the crowd.

Education Not Only Enhances Your Awareness But Also Serves Your Dreams