Planning to Study Abroad? Consider these 6 Factors First!


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In recent times of globalization, almost everyone wants to study abroad and have a successful career. In order to study abroad, you need to first finalize the destination that is best suitable for you. Initially, you will be flooded with a myriad of options, out of which you need to pick out one. Considering your criteria and priorities, selecting a location can be greatly confusing. On an additional note, planning meticulously can simplify the task for you.

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    Although you may consult the top education consultants in West Bengal, finalizing your study abroad destination depends on several factors. These are:

    1. Academic record

    The study abroad destination that you choose depends first on your academic record. On the basis of your 10th or 12th marks, you can apply for the graduation course, or depending on your 10th, 12th, and graduation marks, you can apply for the master’s program. Also, you need to check the track record of the chosen university; whether the entire syllabus is covered within the duration.

    2. Availability of the program

    The second factor that should influence your choice is the availability of your chosen program. For example: if you decide to pursue MBBS from Bangladesh, your trusted study abroad consultancy in Kolkata should be able to give a list of colleges where the course is taught. If your chosen course is unavailable in any of the institutes, consider changing the country if not the course program.

    3. Budget

    Money is everything in this world; without money, you are nothing. So make sure the university that you choose does not exceed your budget. Your budget must include the entire course fee, cost of living, food and other expenses. Your selected university and location must be within your financial means without burdening you.

    4. Opportunity for part-time works

    Many students have this particular inquiry before selecting a location: whether there is an opportunity to do part-time jobs to support themselves. The good news is that most of the renowned study abroad destinations provides this opportunity to study and earn simultaneously. You can attend classes in the morning and work in the evening and earn. Also, vacations are a good time to earn few extra bucks. Earning while learning is a great step for you to become independent and enjoy your student life.

    5. Internships

    Providing internships is an important feature that you must consider in your selected university. Internships are beneficial to your career because it gives you the much-needed practical exposure to your field of study; it helps you to have a better grasp of the subject and provides you with the required experience. Some internships are also paid but do not run after money! Surely having the sufficient experience matter way more than having money. Later on when you will apply for a job, your experience in the field will prove to be an added advantage.

    6. Scholarships

    Many abroad countries provide scholarships to foreign students; it is offered by the local government, the institutes, or the donors. Usually, your academic record is considered for scholarships but also the test scores in GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and others, are also taken into consideration.


    Thus to study any course in abroad, carefully keep these points in mind. After all, nothing is more satisfying than studying your favorite subject in your dream university.

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