Preparing for NEET? Motivate yourself with these 5 tips!


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It is said that a doctor is someone who is next to God just like the Kind was the representative of God on Earth in the erstwhile times. To occupy such a vital position, you must overcome all the hurdles successfully, do hard work, and then only can you have the fruits of your success. Becoming a successful doctor takes years of toiling but a doctor is someone who doesn’t retire.

The most important stepping stone to becoming a licensed doctor is to pass the NEET exam with flying colors; this exam will decide your career in the medical world. So undergoing stress and anxiety just before you are going to appear for NEET is not uncommon.

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    Often confident students give up just before they are about to accomplish their goal. Reason? Excessive anxiety and fluttering fears! This hampers the potentiality and has a negative impact on their career also. So make sure you don’t undergo such strenuous circumstances. But the question is, how will you overcome stress while studying for the NEET exam? Let us look at some useful tips:

    Maintain a timetable

    Everything has a proper time and place. So are your studies. Having a proper timetable is mandatory no matter how many days are left for the NEET. Maintaining a timetable has a major advantage- you can emphasize all chapters and subjects equally. Also, you will not forget the topics that you had done a few months back. Make a timetable that bestows your attention equally on all subjects and topics and also allows you sufficient time to eat and sleep.

    Say “NO” to binge eating-

    Eating healthy is mandatory at all times, especially before exams. However, binge eating or eating unhealthy foodstuffs can make you feel good temporarily but affect your overall health gradually. Refrain from foods like caffeine(coffee), sugar, and fried foods as these invite anxiety and depression. Instead have fresh foods like green leafy vegetables, oats, lentils, nuts, and so on.

    Have enough sleep

    Sleep is important for both your brain and body. Moreover, having sufficient sleep helps you to remember your studies more easily. Neglecting sleep, continuously studying without any break will do more harm than good. A fatigued mind is never in a perfect condition to retain more information; so give yourself the deserving sleep instead of neglecting it.

    Perform exercises-

    Exercise is a great way to wake up both your mind and body; it provides the necessary relief to your brain from stress. It also helps you to remain active while you are preparing for NEET as increased levels of endorphin, automatically uplift your mood. So go for jogging, yoga, running, and even dancing if you seek tips to remain agile throughout your preparation.

    Have a motivational environment around you

    No matter how much you are motivated, having a negative surrounding can ruin your efforts. To create a positive ambiance in your home by allowing sunshine to enter your study space, keeping your room clean, being neat and tidy in your appearance, going out for walks, conversing with your family members, and ensuring there is no distraction when you are studying.


    Remaining motivated in life can be difficult at times but being aware of the right way to be positive in all phases of life is the key to success. Following these tips will easily help you to be optimistic while preparing for your NEET exam. Remember! ‘Give your best and god will do the rest’!

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