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The importance of career counselling needs no introduction. Probably after the significance of medical services, the assistance of career consultancies come next in India. Without a robust career, it is quite difficult to survive in this cut-throat competitive era where the number of students and job applicants far outnumber the available seats. Thus, parents start preparing their wards from an early age so that they could face the competition without crumbling under pressure. However, a stage comes in when expert help is felt more than anything else. In the life of a student, such a period comes in when he/she is about to join a course in higher studies.

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    Career Counsellors 

    So are there more than just career counselling? As the career scopes are reducing in India, how fruitful is the option of building a career here? What about the study abroad counsellors in India? All these queries have their answers and we will try to find them as we will go on explaining the salient features of these consultancies. In fact not only will you be getting the answers but will also be able to simplify the process of selecting the best consultancy.

    The Salient Features of Study Abroad Consultancies in India

    1. Career Counselling:

     The marks obtained in the exams are not proof of excellence. It has to do with the liking. The career counsellors are experienced enough to get the real picture during the sessions. If one is interested to study MBBS, he/she should not be coaxed in to opt for engineering. As multiple options are available in the way of medical universities operating in Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Germany etc that there is no scope of worry.

    2. Career Opportunities:

    It is not hard to understand that wider career opportunities are there in foreign countries. As the student has enrolled for a higher education degree course in that country, he/she will get a preference over the rest of the foreign applicants. This information is the secret knowledge stored by the overseas career counsellors.

    3. Admission Guidance:

    It is not just filling up the admission form. You need to write a Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose and attach it to the form. Apart from this, the photocopies of so many documents are needed. As every year multiple applicants face rejection just because they had not filled up the form accurately is alarming.

    4. Embassy Processes:

    True that you can gather information on the student visa from websites, however, to get practical assistance, you need to seek the assistance of the consultancies.

    5. Education Loan:

    The quality service providers also assist you to obtain the education loan. The tips to obtain the most flexible plan would ease off your financial burden to a great extent.

    The top study abroad consultants in India would assist you to seek wider avenues. It is an amazing opportunity to skip the congested career options available in India. Let us venture out further and taste freedom. The future is yours.

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