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Study MBBS Abroad Consultancy

Find the right destination and course with Pice Educare

Pice Educare is the number one study abroad consultancy in Kolkata, West Bengal. Studying abroad is going to be your transformative and life-changing exposure. We help you to pick the time-saving and pocket-friendly destination and course which will take you to the destination and are the leading study abroad consultancy in Kolkata and provide free career counseling and advice Pice Educare analyze your career choice and provide the suggestion based on your competencies and interest. We also believe and focus on informed career information.

Pice Educare does not provide bias decisions to the students based on our tie-ups with the colleges. Our commitment and end-to-end services make us one of the promising educational consultancies. Our expert professionals provide a one-stop solution for making your path smoother. We offer you guidance for enrolling in different courses like MBBS, Engineering, MD, MS, and so on. Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, offer the best package to the students.

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    Act you should know about Pice Educare

    #1. We pile up our services so that you can enjoy the value of our service. You will get the best guidance throughout your course at an affordable cost. We offer you the best at a reasonable and fair price.

    #2. You do not give money to just get a degree. Every student aims to gain some knowledge throughout the degree course or you will need some transparent information about the course and destination. When you plan and strategize your every step without falling into a lifelong debt trap, you will be in the right direction towards a bright future.

    #3. Pice Educare does not end the tie-ups with the students after your admission. We remain connected to the students throughout the course curriculum.

    #4. Our counseling procedures are designed in such a way that they help the students to settle abroad for years. We aim to settle your career path in such a that worth your money and time.

    #5. We conduct all our processes with integrity and ensure a smooth flow of your admission process so that you do not face any trouble. We promise a enhance the customer experience.

    #6. We understand your concern on a one-to-one basis and provide customized solutions or advice.

    #7. We help the students to increase the networking field by connecting them with our ex-students. We will help you to find fellow Indians in overseas colleges. As we are in this field for a long time, our experience can add value to your journey.

    Study Abroad Consultancy

    Things to consider while choosing an overseas destination

    First of all, you have to check the immigration option of the college in a foreign destination. This actor becomes more important when you plan your future in that country after course completion. An educational consultancy like Pice Educare guides you to check these actors to make a wise decision. Another factor that makes the role of us more important is the knowledge about the history of the college.

    To get transparent and appropriate information about the college you need a trusted organization like us. You can list our preferences and interest with the help of our experts and choose from the best. Now choose the country that provides optimum avenues for your chosen course. Checking the long-time benefits of the course in a particular college need to be check. Before you choose any course you need to keep your subject of interest in mind and the expectations that you are keeping through the course. While choosing college things that you should keep in mind are-

    #1. Ranking of the university

    #2. Course initiation dates

    #3. Course curriculum followed in the college

    #4. Teaching techniques

    #5. Career scopes from the course

    #6. Campus and activities within the college

    #7. Accommodation provided within the college

    #8. Requirements for admission

    #9. Course fees.

    #10. Eligibility criteria for the course

    Services provided by the Pice Educare team

    Pice Educare is an educational consultancy which is providing a lending hand who wishes to pursue higher study in abroad and India. We are the representatives of several MCI approved famous colleges all across the globe and ensure secure admission of the students to the courses in the top colleges. Pice Educare offers help throughout the selection, admission, and post-admission process. We act as the connecting bridge between the students and the university. Pice Educare carries goodwill among all our ex-students and got several appreciations for our advice and support. We conduct several seminars, workshops, and counseling sessions for the students. Pice Educare is the best consultancy lying in the city of joy, Kolkata. Some of our services are as follows-


    We offer career counseling to the students free of cost. If you have any confusion about the right course or your career then Pice Educare will show you the right direction. Applying for overseas education is an important decision both financially and emotionally. So, you need to take your time before sticking to a decision. We have trained counselors who will help you to understand your interest and competencies. We will help you to choose the course and location perfectly that will suit your goals. Our other assistance includes advice from the experts for higher education, selecting top universities, preparation for application, and scholarship assistance.


    This is one of the crucial steps that you need to perform throughout the abroad admission process. We will make the students ready to appear in the VISA interview and clear it in one attempt. We are sending many students each year for undertaking their degree without any problem.

    Pre-departure updates:

    We prepare the students by arranging a pre-departure meeting so that they do not face any difficulties in a new country and make them understand the currency exchange rate, communication facilities, accommodation, and many more. We give our best to give you a hassle-free experience.

    Airport pickup:

    We have our agents there in the destination country who will guide you to the college. With our service, the parents of the students do not have to worry much.

    Travel assistance:

    We will book the tickets for out=r students so that they do not have to face many difficulties. We give you the best deal while booking the ticket.

    Bank Loans:

    We carry a good relationship with many financial bodies and banks. So, we also lend our support in granting bank loans for the students with our recommendation.

    Forex Assistance:

    We also help the student in currency exchange at the best deal rate. We will help you to submit fees to the college by making a draft.

      For Any Information Call 9932625163/8001192800 or Submit the Form Below

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