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If you want to study MBBS abroad

If you want to study MBBS abroad, there are numerous educational consultancy which promises a lending hand throughout the process. However, only a handful of agencies like Pice Educare provide needed assistance. While opting for an educational consultancy the main motive is to gather information and knowledge of different locations and colleges, so that you are well prepared for the cons and pros. Thus study abroad consultancies has always played a key role to help student applied for the desired courses.

Benefits of hiring study abroad consultancy

Pice Educare is dedicated to providing all valid and accurate information about the MBBS colleges in different locations all across the globe. If you have made up your mind about studying MBBS abroad then going for an educational consultancy like Pice Educare will help you to gain knowledge about the reputation o the college, negative aspects of a location or college, knowledge about the fees, admission procedure, application assistance and many more. A study abroad consultancy also shows you the possible outcomes after the course completion so that you can get a fair chance to decide. The experience of looking for an educational consultancy is argumentative but certain affirmative points can drive you towards selecting Pice Educare.

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#1. Study MBBS abroad consultancy like Pice Educare will not charge you any extra penny. The sole motive of this educational consultancy is to guide our students towards the correct path.

#2. We assist you throughout the admission process and even during your course duration.

#3. We provide you all the possible and needed details so that you don’t face any difficulties in the later stage.

#4. We are good listeners and understand your perspective before suggesting you. We recommend you course and college that can help you.

#5. Our experts also help you through the VISA application process which is considered to be the most tricky process during MBBS admission abroad.

#6. We also help you with your queries and problem during your stay abroad. We believe once our students are always our students.

#7. You can consult with us for various study abroad options.

#8. The main role which we played is of a bridge between the student and the educational consultancy. We encourage the students for pursuing their dreams.

#9. While you thought about abroad education more than one question can strike your mind. We give answers to your queries regarding accommodation, lifestyle, finance, etc.

#10. Connecting to Pice Educare will help you to know the various benefits of studying MBBS abroad and explore the scopes available to you.

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    What Pice Educare offers you to Study MBBS abroad?

    #1. We offer you the best college from a career perspective. We do ask students to randomly choose any college. Based on your profile we gather detailed information about your interest, choices, etc., and recommend the close match option. We also give you the possible career opportunities that you can get after completing the MBBS.

    #2. For the universities that you will shortlist, we arrange the list o documents that are required for admission. We also help students by financial aiding based on their eligibility and rank.

    #3. We also have some bank partners, which we recommend you for personal loans to carry the cost of abroad education. However, the cost of Studying MBBS abroad is less in comparison to the private colleges of India.

    #4. During your admission to the top colleges abroad, a letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, CV is highly desirable. We have a group of experts who edits your resume according to the requirement of the college.

    #5. We also support you in your VISA application and prepare you for the interview so that you do not face any hurdles.

    #6. Some of the universities also ask the students to appear for an interview and we make sure that our students are prepared for it.

    #7. Once your course gets started our query team helps you with any problem throughout the course duration.

    What is the need for an education consultant?

    Many students think of managing admission in abroad universities without the help of an educational consultancy. As more students are taking admission in international universities, the process is getting simpler. But you need to be aware of the application process and the steps before going for admission. While migrating to a different country based on student VISA you can hardly afford any mistake. Coming back to your hometown for any requirement that you have missed can cost you a lot.

    To avoid the consequences of any wrong decision approaching a highly professional consultancy is recommended. Our consultants have gained a high experience level in this field. You will need a reliable and trustworthy educational consultancy, which will not just take away your money. The key role played by Pice Educare is to provide you guidance and keeping no stone untouched in helping you. However, if you go for admission independently the process can be exhausting but you can be aware of all the steps.

    Overseas MBBS Admission Enquiry Please Call:- +91-9614-910-910

    Student Helpdesk Call or WhatsApp:- +91-9932-625-163

    Services of Pice Educare

    #1. We are all aware of the term experience matters. We have specified sets of skills and experience that guide you for the admission process. Pice Educare focuses to put you in the right place based on your comfort and discomfort.

    #2. We maintain a formal relationship with renowned universities. The information about the scholarship programs and our recommendations are highly beneficial for the students.

    #3. A wide range of options is provided to the students for study dentations. We make the application process aster for you as we have a partnership with well-known universities.

    #4. The universities receive a lot of applications from India seeking admission. We make your application stand out among all making the process simpler. We save your money and time while taking admission so, that you don’t fall under a false trap.

    #5. When you apply to study MBBS abroad through Pice Educare many universities offer you financial benefits. However, the benefits may vary and depend upon your performance in the 12th examination.

    #6. Our representatives in Kolkata offer clarification to all your doubts. We also provide you important information about the MBBS course.

    #7. The VISA application process differs from country to country. We arrange a mock VISA interview process so that you can become confident enough and clear it in one chance.

    #8. Pre-departure and post-departure services are also offered to you. So, that you do not face difficulties in finding accommodation, food, tickets and so on.


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    Preparation of study MBBS abroad, admission process, and staying there none of them is an easy task to do. Joining an educational consultancy at the right time will be a wise and smart move. This will remove the obstacles in your path to success. The representatives of study MBBS abroad consultancies will solve the puzzle and queries. So, contact Pice Educare today for ease of the process of acceptance and even more.

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