Study In Top Medical Colleges In Abroad For Indian Students


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Study in top MBBS medical college in abroad

MBBS admission in top medical colleges of foreign countries 2020-21

Introduction to MBBS in Abroad

Studying MBBS abroad is an economical option as compared to studying MBBS India. MBBS admission in top medical colleges of foreign countries 2020-21 starts within a few days of the NEET examination. There is a constant strive within the student of India to get a seat for MBBS. Getting a seat in the government colleges of India is not a cakewalk for any student. However, some of them manage a seat in government universities, and the other struggles to find the best alternative option. The private colleges of India demand high donation money which the student fails to pay. MBBS admission in top medical colleges of foreign countries 2020-21 comes to a savior in this scenario.

The price that the foreign universities offer without any compromise in the education quality is attractive. Some of the top picks countries that offer the 5 years MBBS course at a reasonable price include Bangladesh, Ukraine, Nepal, China, Russia, Germany, Philippines, and Kyrgyzstan, etc. The universities in these countries offer the MBBS degree which is recognized by a large organization like MCI, WHO, etc. Students look for not only a financially preferable option but also the education standard. The education quality of the medical universities in foreign is remarkable and the process of admission is quite simple with us. However, a major question that might concern you is that what after MBBS in these countries? Once you complete MBBS, there are 3 additional steps.

#1. You need to clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)

#2. You have to complete a 1-year internship in India

#3. You have to get your registration from the Medical Council of India to practice medicine.

Seat availability in India vs Abroad

Around 16 Lakhs students appear for NEET 2020. The distribution of the highest number of seats in some states is as follows.

State Name Government seats Total seats No. of candidates
Maharashtra 4080 8050 2,28,829
Uttar Pradesh 2878 6278 1, 54, 705
Rajasthan 2600 5900 1,38,149
Karnataka 2900 9095 1, 19,626
Tamil nadu 3600 7150 1, 17, 502
Kerala 1455 4005 1, 16, 010


Now from the above details, it is quite prominent that out of 8, 74,820 candidates only 17,513 students get a seat in Government College. These are the top 6 states which have the highest seat availability, the situation in other states is worse. Now, the question arises that what happens to the student who did not get a seat in the government college?

#1. Some of the students try to qualify NEET and secure a better rank in the next year

#2. Some of the students will pay a hefty amount of money to get a seat in the private colleges of India.

#3. Some even leave the dream of becoming a doctor and join some other streams.

#4. Some of the intelligent students choose the option o studying MBBS abroad at affordable fees.

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Foreign medical colleges

A great option that fails to secure a government medical seat in India. Medical Council of India has approved around 463 medical colleges all over the world so the Indian student can get a fair opportunity. Among the 463 colleges, the most popular destination for MBBS are-

#1. Bangladesh: There are 7 universities.

#2. Russia: There are 54 universities where 12-14 uses English as a medium.

#3. Kyrgyzstan: There are 7 Universities and 4 uses English as a medium of instruction

#4. Ukraine: There are 16 universities and 7 uses English as a medium of instruction.

#6. China: There are 54 universities and all are government colleges and uses English as a medium.

#7. Philippines: There are 39 Universities.

#8. Kazakhstan: Thee are 12 Universities

#9. Belarus: There are 4 universities

#10. Nepal: There are 5 popular Universities there.

Advantages of studying MBBS Aboard

#1. You can study MBBS abroad at very low fees. Many countries provide quality education at a reasonable price.

#2. The cost of living in countries like Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, China, Russia, Philippines, etc is low and thus quite affordable by the student.

#3. There are no capitation fees required in admission in the top colleges abroad. While getting admission to foreign colleges you do not have to pay a donation amount.

#4. The course duration in foreign countries is very much similar to India.

#5. You do not have to appear in an entrance test other than NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) to get admission abroad. You do not have to appear in exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

#6. Studying MBBS abroad is similar to that of India. You can practice in India once you get a degree from foreign countries and clear the MCI screening test.

Few more advantages

#7. The infrastructure of colleges in foreign countries is also attractive. Modern technologies are used to provide education to students. Their ae well-furnished classrooms, projectors, laboratories, Library, etc.

#8. The safety and security of the student are also prioritized in the abroad counties. The safest counties include Bangladesh, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, etc.

#9. After completing MBBS abroad you get international exposure. This will help you to become a more confident human and doctor.

#10. The medium of instruction in foreign universities is English. You can also learn the local languages that will help you to settle down in foreign countries in the future.

#11. The colleges also provide hostel facilities which are safe for the students and you can also get Indian canteens there.

Eligibility criteria to study MBBS abroad

There are some pre-defined eligibility criteria for the student who want to get admission to the top recognized universities in foreign. MBBS admission in top medical colleges of foreign countries 2020-21 eligibility criteria is listed below-

Indian medical aspirants who wish to study MBBS abroad have to secure 50% marks. You should have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as primary subjects. This is for the un-reserved category of India.

#1. For the reserved category (SC/ST/OBC) you have to secure 40% marks with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as primary subjects. These guidelines are set by the Medical Council of India.

#2. It is mandatory to clear the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) examination to study MBBS in foreign colleges as well. This is made mandatory since 2019.

Documents required for MBBS admission in top medical colleges of foreign countries 2020-21

The list of documents that are important for admission in a foreign country are as follows-

#1. 10th level mark sheet and certificates

#2. 12th level mark sheet and certificates

#3. Birth certificate

#4. Voter card

#5. Passport Character certificate/Migration certificate

#6. NEET scorecard


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Ultimate guide for MBBS admission in abroad

Top Universities to study MBBS abroad


The top universities to study MBBS Bangladesh are as follows:

#1. Sikder Women’s Medical College

#2. Enam Medical College and Hospital

#3. Shahabuddin Medical College

#4. MH Samorita Medical College

#5. Medical College for Women and Hospital

#6. Dr.Sirajul Islam Medical College & Hospital

#7. Anwer Khan Modern Medical College

#8. Bangladesh University of Professionals

#9. GonoBishwabiddalay, Bangladesh

#10. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

#11. University of Dhaka

#12. University of Rajshahi

#13. University of Science & Technology Chittagong

#14. KhwajaYunus Ali Medical College

#15. Dhaka National Medical College

#16. Southern Medical College


The top colleges to study MBBS in Nepal are as follows:

#1. Chitwan Medical College.

#2. Lumbini Medical College & Research CenterPvt. Ltd.

#3. Manipal College Of Medical Sciences.

#4. Nobel Medical College.

#5. Gandaki Medical College.

#6. Universal College Of Medical Science.

#7. Devdaha Medical College.

#8. National Medical College.


Top universities to study MBBS Russia are as follows:

#1. Bashkir State Medical University.

#2. Volgograd State Medical University.

#3. First Moscow State University.

#4. People’s Friendship University, MOSCOW.

#5. Mari State Medical University.

#6. Perm State University.

#7. Kazan Federal University.

#8. Northern State Medical University.


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    Top colleges to study MBBS Ukraine are as follows:

    #1. Zaporizhzhia State Medical University

    #2. Kharkiv National Medical University

    #3. Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy

    #4. Lugansk State Medical University

    #5. Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

    #6. Ternopil State Medical University

    #7. Black Sea National University

    #8. Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

    #9. Kharkiv International Medical University

    #10. Odessa National Medical University


    The top universities to study MBBS China are as follows:

    #1. Xinjiang University

    #2. Xiamen University

    #3. Fujian Medical University

    #4. Nanjing Medical University

    #5. Yangzhou University


    Top Universities to study MBBS in the Philippines are as follows:

    #1. AMA School of Medicine.

    #2. Bicol Christian College of Medicine.

    #3. Angeles University Foundation.

    #4. Medical School Foundation.

    #5. Davao Medical School Foundation.

    #6. Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine.


    Top Universities to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan re as follows:

    #1. Kyrgyz State Medical University, Bishkek.

    #2. Osh State Medical University, Osh.

    #3. Jalalabad Medical University.

    #4. Asian Medical Institute, Kant.

    #5. International School of Medicine (ISM), Bishkek.

    #6. IMI Academy, Bishkek.


    Top universities to study MBBS in Germany are as follows:

    #1. Kyrgyz State Medical University, Bishkek

    #2. Osh State Medical University, Osh

    #3. Jalalabad Medical University

    #4. Asian Medical Institute, Kant

    #5. International School of Medicine (ISM), Bishkek

    #6. IMI Academy, Bishkek


    Top universities to study MBBS in the USA are as follows-

    #1. Harvard University         

    #2. Stanford University        

    #3. John Hopkins University 

    #4. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)        

    #5. Yale University 

    #6. The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)     

    #7. Columbia University

    #8. University of Pennsylvania         

    #9. Duke University 

    #10. University of California, San Diego.

    For medical college admission enquiry please Call or WhatsApp our MBBS admission help desk: +91-9932-625-163.

    Factors to consider before selecting universities abroad

    #1. Before you select a country or university for MBBS admission in top medical colleges of foreign countries 2020-21 you need to consider certain factors. It is important  for you and your career that you choose the correct option. The below-mentioned tips will guide you to select the medical university to study MBBS abroad.

    #2. You need to know the grade o the university that you are selecting for MBBS.

    #3. Consider the experience of the university in teaching MBBS or the last few years.

    #4. Look into the recognition that the college received. Do not forget to check the tuition fees and accommodation facilities that are offered by the college.

    #5. It will be a good scenario for your future if the university offers an MCI screening test. You can also verify if Indian food is available in the canteen o the college.

    #6. You can also check the flow of Indian students into that college.

    MBBS admission process in top medical colleges of foreign countries 2020-21

    The process of admission in abroad colleges is hassle-free with us. The student needs to submit some documents along with the application form. In the first step, the student has to fill the application form for admission to the particular university of a country. Once the application form is filled you need to pay the application fees. Now you have to submit the documents that need to be attested by the education ministry of India.

    The equivalency of the documents will be checked by the country education ministry where the college is situated. Once you meet all the criteria the college sends you the invitation letter for admission. Once you receive it you have to immediately pay the admission fees to secure your seat in that college. Now you have to apply for the VISA. You can apply for it online and paying the VISA fee. You will be called for an interview after which within 60 days you will get it. Now you are all ready to fly to your destined country.

    Fee structure for MBBS admission in abroad

    The fee structure for MBBS abroad

    The cost of MBBS in many foreign countries is quite economical as compared to that of MBBS in India. The tuition fees structure in many countries like Russia, China, Georgia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Armenia, Ukraine, Nepal, Kyrghistan, Kazakhstan, etc. revolves around 5000USD to 10,000 USD per annum. The cost of living in these countries ranges from 100 USD to 200 USD.

    Some of the countries like the Caribbean, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. have lower tuition fees, however, the cost of living in such countries is high. The cost of MBBS in countries like Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Russia, Bangladesh, and China is very low as compared to the other countries. The cost of living, accommodation, and other expenses make it affordable for many international students. If you have secured high grades in your 12th examination then you will be eligible for scholarships. SO student with merit can minimize their MBBS cost to a certain extent.

    List of top 10 universities for MBBS abroad

    #1. Orenburg State Medical University

    #2. Perm State Medical University

    #3. Mari State University

    #4. Tver State Medical University

    #5. Jalalabad State University

    #6. Osh State University

    #7. Siberian State Medical University

    #8. International School of Medicine

    #9. Kharkiv National Medical University

    #10. Kyiv National Medical University


    FMGE, MCI screening test, and USMLE

    FMGE stands for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination is known as the MI screening test. The National Board of Examination conducts this exam/test. The test is mandated for all Indian and overseas students who want to get a permanent or provisional license from the Medical Council of India to practice in India. This test needs to be qualified by all Indians who have an international degree if they wish to practice in India. If any international student wants to practice in India they also have to qualify for this MCI screening test. There is no restriction in appearing for this exam. You can appear as many times as you wish to give it a try. The students can appear in this test once they get their MBBS degree from abroad. The exam is held completely computer-based and the test center is spread all across India.

    What do you mean by USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination)?

    This is a three-step medical examination that allows the medical graduates to practice in US All the medical aspirants can appear in this test or 3 times in 12 months to practice as a doctor. The USMLE (The United States Medical Licensing Examination ) is held under the regulation of two regulatory bodies namely the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME).

    Higher education option after studying MBBS abroad

    If you are looking for higher education once you complete MBBS you are eligible or that. Many countries allow you to study MS (Master of Surgery)/MD (Medicine faculty)/MDS once you get your MBBS degree. You can also do the post-graduation from India or any other country once you complete the MBBS course from a recognized college.

    Pice Educare: One-stop consultant for MBBS admission in top medical colleges of foreign countries 2020-21

    You must choose the abroad consultant wisely. Once you choose us your roadmap for the rest of the admission journey becomes easy. We provide you a complete and transparent roadmap or choosing a suitable country as well as college. College that we choose for you after inspecting every factor of the college. We provide you multiple destination choices and elaborate on each factor that can affect you. Our website consists of an elaborate description of the services that we provide.

    We never misguide the student or the parents. We do not charge you money in advance. Once the process is over we charge a minimal amount that just as service charge. Our consultant assists one student at a time to ensure that you do not face a lack of updates or information. Our counselor is highly experienced and can show you the right path. The environment in our office is professional, friendly, and co-operative. We provide you one to one counseling along with the parents and prioritized every query. Not only this we assist in filling up the application form, documents attestation, documents submitting, travel assistance, VISA assistance, and so on. We also assist in panning the cost in the 5 years of the course. With us, you can stay updated with every detailed information. Contact us today if you are planning your abroad admission this year.

    For admission enquiry please call our MBBS admission Helpdesk: +91-9614-910-910

    Student Helpline: +91-9932-625-163

    Faq’s fOR MBBS ADMISSION IN Abroad

    #Q. Which foreign country is best for studying MBBS?

    Ans:- The list of countries that offers MBBS at the best cost with the quality standard is-

    1. Nepal

    2. Philippines

    3. Ukraine

    4. Russia

    5. Kyrgyzstan

    6. China

    7. Germany

    8. Bangladesh

    #Q. Is NEET necessary for MBBS admission 2020?

    Ans:-Yes, you have to qualify NEET to study MBBS abroad. This is made mandate from 2019 onwards by the medical council of India.

    #Q. Is MBBS abroad is a wise decision?

    Ans:- If you fail to secure a seat in the government colleges then studying MBBS in a foreign country is a good and economical option for you.

    #Q. Is selecting a consultancy for admission in foreign countries necessary?

    Ans:- Pice Educare will give complete guidance for the admission process. This will make your admission smooth. So, choosing Pice Educare for MBBS admission is a good option.

    #Q. Is it possible to practice in India after completing MBBS from foreign countries?

    Ans:- Yes, you can practice in India after completing MBBS from abroad after clearing the FMGE or MI screening test.

    #Q. Do Pice Educare help to choose the college and country for MBBS?

    Ans:- Yes, Pice Educare offers one to one counseling before they suggest you the best destination for MBBS.


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