Top 10 Reasons for Pursuing Medical Education in Bangladesh


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MBBS in Bangladesh

Studying MBBS in foreign universities have many advantages. Contrary to popular belief, the fee amount required to fund the education is lower than many Indian private colleges. One such country where you can avail quality education at affordable rates in Bangladesh. Many Indian students are crossing the border and enrolling in Bangladeshi medical colleges to earn the degree of MBBS. Top 10 reasons for taking admission in the medical colleges of our neighboring country are as follows:

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    Affordable Fee Structure:

    Private medical colleges in India demand an exorbitant amount of course fees from the students for long 5+1 years. Around Rs 40 to 50 lakhs is paid by per student to earn the degree. However, when you take admission in a Bangladeshi medical college, you need to shell out around Rs 21 to Rs 28 lakhs of money. This is the course fee for the entire 5+1 years. Quite a good deal for a student and his/her family! Interestingly, the fee structure of Nepali medical colleges is also higher than what is prevalent in Bangladesh.

    International Recognition of the MBBS Degree:

    Many of the top government and private medical colleges in Bangladesh have been recognized by Medical Council of India or MCI. Top colleges get recognition from Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC). Even international bodies like WHO has given recognition to some of the colleges/universities. Reputed study abroad consultants in India could help you get the complete information on top medical colleges in Bangladesh and get admission there.

    Entrance Exam is Not Mandatory:

    Indian students who have got 60% or more or earned a GPA score 7 and above in class X and XII need not have to sit for entrance exams to get admission in many of the Bangladeshi universities. Eligibility criteria necessitate Biology being one of the subjects in HS and the student must get 60% marks in it.

    Common Medium of Communication:

    The textbooks are written in English and the medium of study includes 3 of the most understood languages in India- English, Hindi, and Bengali.

    Regular Course Duration:

    Bangladeshi universities follow a 5+1 course duration scheme which is similar to that followed in India.

    Book a Medical Seat in Advance at an International College:

    Students can book medical seats in advance at International medical colleges in Bangladesh. These are global podiums where Indian students can get an opportunity of following the syllabus of foreign universities and avail the benefits of best education infrastructure.

    A Good Flow of Patients in Medical Colleges:

    Worth of a medical degree is established when students get ample opportunities of treating patients suffering from different ailments. There is a great similarity in the type of ailments found in sub-continent. Treating patients in India will not be a problem for the doctors who have earned their degrees from Bangladeshi medical colleges.

    Successful Students Can Practice as Doctors in India, US, UK, and Australia:

    MBBS degrees earned from Bangladeshi universities are recognized in India, US, UK and Australia. Thus, after becoming doctors, the students can practice in above-mentioned countries.

    Good and Affordable Mediums of Communication Between India and Bangladesh:

    Bangladesh is well-connected with India via buses/trains/aeroplanes. Students and their family members can avail the benefits of boarding affordable mediums of transport to move between the 2 countries as and when required.

    Good Accommodation Facilities:

    Most of the medical colleges in Bangladesh have hostels for outstation and foreign students. The hostels have good facilities for food and lodging. This is a great benefit for the Indian students.

    Studying MBBS in Bangladesh has many advantages and more and more Indian students are exploring them to become successful doctors and practice in their countries of choice. Like them, you could also explore the opportunities and earn your MBBS degree from some reputed university in Bangladesh.

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