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Universities In The USA

Hey! Dear students. How are you doing? You have expressed your interest in studying in the USA. In our last article, we discussed getting a PR in the USA. But, before you plan to move to the USA to study, let’s talk about the best universities in the USA.

Know about Top Universities In The USA for International Students

Best Universities in the USA are our topic of discussion today. I will tell you about some reputed universities that are best for international students. They are Harvard University, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley (UCB),   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Yale University.


Harvard University came into existence in 1636. There is no student in the world who doesn’t know this name. Harvard is the oldest higher education institution in the United States. It stands in Cambridge. It ranks 3rd in QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS. In addition, there are nearly 5815  students from overseas currently studying. Students are overwhelmed if they get a chance to study here.

It is a golden name globally. But, the number of aspirants is towering. You have to be very bright to grab a chance to study here. Students from all over the world come here. So, this is not easy to move there. Let’s look for some salient features of this globally renowned university. Harvard’s alumni include eight US presidents,

#1. several foreign heads of state,

#2. 62 living billionaires,

#3. 359 Rhodes Scholars, and

#4. 242 Marshall Scholars.

#5. 4556 is the number of faculty members here.

#6. You can avail of financial aid if you can prove to be extremely brilliant.

#7. There is a total of 21000 students currently.

#8. The campus covers 209 acres. This is great, no?

#9. Harvard’s library is the largest academic library system in the world. It contains

#10. 18 million volumes, 400 million manuscript items, 10 million photos.

#11. Moreover, the Research output is higher here than any other university in the world.

#12. Harvard offers 49 concentrations

#13. some of the courses are interdisciplinary.

#14. Around 12% of students are admitted to the UG courses from overseas.

#15. The average cost of any UG course here is almost US$73000 per annum.

#16. It included hostel charges, tuition fees, travel costs, etc.

You realize the rate of completion here right? Thus, if you can grab a chance to study here, then nothing like it.

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    It was established in 1885. The university ranks 2nd in QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS 2021. It has produced 19 Nobel laureates. 60% of the graduates live on the campus. There are 625 student groups. Student life is diverse and enticing here. The research output is extremely high here. There are some interesting facts about the university.

    #1. 16135 is the total number of current students.

    #2. 3665 are international students.

    #3. 4478 is the number of faculty members.

    #4. Covering 8,180 acres it is one of the largest campuses in the USA.

    #5. The university nourishes creativity.

    #6. There are 200 graduate fields of study.

    #7. The student-faculty ratio here is 5:1.

    #8. 69 major fields of undergraduate study are there.

    #9. 11000 students stay on campus.

    #10. Lastly, the university offers financial aid to deserving students.

    #3. UCB:

    The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) ranks 30th in QS World University Rankings 2021. It came into existence in 1868. Firstly, Berkeley alumni, faculty, and researchers include

    #1. 99 Nobel laureates,

    #2. 23 Turing Award winners, and

    #3. 14 Pulitzer Prize winners.

    #4. faculty members number about 3089.

    #5. The number of international students is 6914

    #6. The student-teacher ratio  is 13.1

    #7. the campus covers almost 1232 acres.

    #8. The number of total current students is 40000.

    #9. There are 350-degree programs.

    #10. 130 academic departments are here.

    #11. 80 interdisciplinary research units are here.

    #12. Scholarship programs can be availed.

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    #4. MIT:

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded in 1861. Firstly, it ranks 1st in QS WORLD RANKINGS 2021. MIT has one of the broadest intercollegiate athletic programs in the world. Besides, the campus covers 168 acres. It has a close association with different industries.

    11342 students are currently studying here. 3745 is the number of current students from overseas. It is among the top Universities In The USA for International Students. 96 Nobel laureates were from here. Let’s look at the significant points related to the university.

    #1. The student-teacher ratio here is 4:1.

    #2. There are 18 student residences.

    #3. Research output is high here.

    #4. It offers financial aid to deserving students.

    #5. Extracurricular and co-curricular activities are here at their best.

    #6. There are 30 academic departments.

    #7. Their motto is to serve society.


    Yale University came into existence in 1701. Interestingly, there are buildings from the mid 18th century. Moreover, College life is rich here. There are theatres, museums in the university itself.

    It ranks 17th in the QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS. 13482 total students are studying here. 2788 international students are currently admitted here. In short, the competition here is quite high. Here are some interesting facts about the institute.

    #1. It is known as the “Cultural Capital of Connecticut”

    #2. The campus covers over 260 acres.

    #3. The university is divided into 14 schools, and 12 professional schools.

    #4. You can expect scholarship programs here.

    #5. It is the nations’ second oldest university.

    #6. Yale offers freshmen-specific programs and classes.

    #7. Students can reside on campus.

    #8. The research output is great

    #9. The most popular academic majors are from the fields of

    • economics,
    • political science and government,
    • history,
    • psychology, and
    • biology.

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    Thus, to sum up, this is a list of the top 5 universities in the USA. From the above paragraphs, you came to know about Top Universities In The USA for International Students. But, after all, getting a case here is not an easy job. Keep an eye on the

    • requirements,
    • eligibility criteria, and
    • latest updates of the universities.

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