Travel Guide Bangladesh

Travel Guide to Bangladesh for Studying MBBS

For the students in India, Bangladesh is becoming a top contender for admission in foreign medical colleges. Below-mentioned are the travel tips for the country.

Air Route:

The most comfortable means of reaching Bangladesh is via aeroplane. Multiple services operate from the international airport in Kolkata. The cost of an individual ticket is much lower compared to many other foreign countries. However, pre-booking is always suggested.

By Train:

Maitree Express is the train service operating between India and Bangladesh. The train connects Kolkata to Dhaka. At the time of booking your rail tickets, you must produce your valid passport.

By Buses:

Bus services operate between the 2 countries, connecting the cities of Kolkata and Dhaka.

The Required Documents

  • Need to furnish the visa
  • Need to furnish the passport

Airline Services

  • Biman Bangladesh
  • Air India Express
  • Jet Airways
  • SpiceJet
  • Air India


  • Biman Bangladesh- Rs. 4,031 onwards
  • Air India Express- Rs. 4,051 onwards
  • Jet Airways- Rs. 4,846 onwards
  • SpiceJet- Rs. 4,942 onwards
  • Air India- Rs. 6,198 onwards

Train Time Table from Dhaka to Kolkata

Train Name & Number Departure Station-Time Arrival Station- Time Schedule
Maitree Express Train No. 13107 Dhaka Kamalapur- 8:10 Kolkata Chitpur- 18:10 Friday and Sunday
Maitree Express Train No. 13110 Dhala- 8:10 Kolkata Chitpur- 18:10 Wednesday and Saturday

Train Time Table from Kolkata to Dhaka

Train Name & Number Departure Station-Time Arrival Station- Time Schedule
Maitree Express Train No. 13108 Kolkata Chitpur- 7:10 Dhaka- 18:00 Monday and Saturday
Maitree Express Train No. 1310 Kolkata Chitpur- 7:10 Dhaka- 18:00 Tuesday and Friday

Where to Book the Railway Tickets?

You cannot book online railway tickets from Dhaka. You can book them at the Reservation Counter of the Dhaka- Kamalpur Railway station which remains open from 9:00 to 17:00, daily. Only 1-way tickets are available and you can book them as early as 10 days.

You can online book the tickets of Maitree Express. The tickets are also available at Fairlie Place International Ticket Booking Counter (regularly opened from 8:00 to 20:00) and Kolkata Chitpur Railway Station Reservation Counter (opened from 9:00 to 19:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Ticket Prices for Maitree Express (Dhaka-Kolkata & Kolkata-Dhaka)

Route Fare for 1 AC Fare for 2 AC Fare for CC
Dhaka-Kolkata Tk. 1819 Tk. 168 Tk. 604
Kolkata-Dhaka Rs. 1560 Rs. 145 Rs. 520

The Main Bus Services to Bangladesh

  • BRTC
  • Greenline
  • Sohag
  • Shyamali