Travel Guide Kyrgyzstan

Travel Guide to Kyrgyzstan for Studying MBBS

Kyrgyzstan is an inexpensive destination for studying MBBS. Some top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan have been recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Indian students are flocking the country in a large number. Let us take a look at the travel tips to the country.

Travel By Air

  • Budget Airlines :
    Air Astana operates budget flights between India and Kyrgyzstan.
  • The Time Difference :
    The country is ahead by 30 minutes from Indian Standard Time.
  • Flight Duration
    • Delhi to Bishkek: 6 Hrs
    • Bengaluru to Bishkek: 11 Hrs
    • Chennai to Bishkek: 12 Hrs and 15 mins
    • Surat to Bishkek: 20 Hrs and 20 mins
    • Kolkata to Delhi to Bishkek: 11Hrs 45 mins