Process Of Admission To Study MBBS Abroad


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Admission Process to study MBBS abroad


An overview: process of admission to study MBBS abroad for Indian students

Before you go to study abroad get an overview process of admission to study MBBS abroad for Indian students. This article covers all the points you need to know.

Details of MBBS in Abroad

When you dream to make your medical career, the prime concern is to select the best college. Not all the students get a chance to secure a seat in the government colleges. The cost of MBBS in the private colleges of India may let you give up on your dream. The foreign medical colleges become the salvage in such circumstances. We are here to give you an overview process of admission to study MBBS abroad for Indian students.

Students not only search for affordable fees but also quality education. Some countries like Bangladesh, Ukraine, Russia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, etc. are the top picks destination for MBBS. Many foreign countries follow an international curriculum which will not affect your medical career in India after MBBS. The colleges located in such a destination are recognized and received approval by many medical regulatory bodies. Educational consultancies will make your admission process simple and hassle-free. To study MBBS in some top destinations you do not have to clear entrance exams like TOEFL and ILETS.

Once you complete the MBBS course you have to clear the MCI screening test to practice in India, complete 1-year internship, and register with the Medical Council of India.

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    Advantages of MBBS in Abroad

    If you are planning to study MBBS abroad then you should be familiar with the advantages o studying MBBS abroad:

    #1. You can study MBBS abroad at an affordable cost as compared to the private colleges in India. You can also get quality education and global exposure.

    #2. The universities and colleges abroad do not charge any capitation fees or donation fees. Therefore studying MBBS abroad does not feel heavy to the pocket of the students.

    #3. Admission to colleges abroad does not need you to clear exams like ILETS and TOEL. You need to secure 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology o the 12th standard.

    #4. The cost of living in some countries is extremely low. However, this actor is dependent on your lifestyle.

    #5. The colleges abroad offer world-class infrastructure. The students get a chance to get their hands on the latest medical equipment.

    #6. When you go to study MBBS abroad, you can meet different students all over the world and learn about new cultures and ethnicity.

    #7. The medium of instruction in abroad colleges and universities is English. Therefore the student does not feel the pressure of learning a new or local language.

    #8. The availability of the hostel makes it comfortable for the students to easily settle down. The hostel also offers Indian food.

    #9. Though you need to clear NEET to study MBBS abroad the dependency on NEET rank is less as compared to India. You just have to secure the qualifying marks to study MBBS abroad.

    #10. You get the chance to attend many international seminars thus getting international exposure.

    Why to prefer Study MBBS Abroad Consultancy

    Factors to consider before choosing a medical university

    Once you fixed your mind by choosing the right medical university it’s time to choose the top college. There are some key points you should consider before choosing a college.

    #1. Know the grade of the university before going for admission.

    #2. Gather information about the experience of the university is offering an MBBS degree.

    #3. Find out the names of the medical regulatory bodies by which the college received recognition.

    #4. Know about the tuition fees and the other cost after enrolling for MBBS.

    #5. You can also look if the college offers coaching for MCI screening test, USMLE, FMGE, etc.

    #6. Check out the flow of Indian students into that college.

    #7. Check if the hostel of the college offers Indian food to the students.

    Admission process and eligibility for MBBS admission abroad

    If you want to get admission to the top colleges abroad then Pice Educare is here to help you. If you are confused about the college selection then we can help you to choose the best-fitted college. To start the process of admission you have to contact Pice Educare with all the documents and certificate. A copy of the passport is also necessary. The documents need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in India. After submitting all the documents to the Embassy, the education ministry o the foreign country will check the equivalency.

    If you fulfill all the criteria then you will receive the admission letter from that country. We also help you to apply for the VISA. We provide you pre-departure training and enrich you with all the necessary information. Our representative is present there to help you with the post-departure formalities. We also arrange accommodation for the students so that they do not have to face any difficulties.

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    The eligibility criteria or MBBS abroad are as follows:

    #1. The non-reserved Indian student needs to secure 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to study MBBS abroad.

    #2. The reserved category needs to secure 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to study MBBS abroad as per the Medical Council of India.

    #3. You need to be 17 years old to apply for MBBS abroad.

    #4. You need to qualify NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) to study MBBS in any part of the world which is made mandatory since 2019.

    Cost of studying MBBS abroad

    The cost to study MBBS abroad is less as compared to the private colleges of India as it does not demand donation money. Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China, etc. offer MBBS at a very low cost. The full course can cost you from 25 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs depending on the college, country, and your lifestyle. Students who have good grades can also apply for scholarships. You can also get an educational loan from banks or any financial bodies for MBBS abroad.

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    Why you should consult overseas education consultants for MBBS admission abroad

    The rate of students moving abroad for MBBS has increased steeply. This has increased the demand for educational consultancies to provide a guide to the students. However, it is important that you go or the right educational consultancy. Pice Educare is a reputed educational consultancy situated in Kolkata who carries a good reputation by standing on the expectations of students or years. Some reasons to support the fact that educational consultancy make your admission path easier,

    Are As Follows :

    #1. Educational consultancies can provide you the career counseling by which you can choose the best for you. You need guidance to go towards a bright future. The educational consultancies can provide you suggestions like which country to choose, top colleges after listening to your preferences carefully.

    #2. You must know about the important dates of admission. Educational consultancies inform you what to do next. This ensures that you do not miss anything. You will get expert supervision throughout the process of admission.

    #3. The educational consultancies ensure your safety regarding your documents, VISA approvals, time, money, etc. Education consultancies like Pice Educare take full responsibility for the students during the admission process, followed by the full course duration. This reduces the risk of VISA rejection of the student.

    #4. VISA assistance is an important factor that needs proper guidance at every step. If you get the admission letter but ails to get VISA all your hard work will go in vain. Educational consultancies provide your assistance in filling up the VISA application, submitting documents, appearing for the interview, etc. This will help you to get the VISA without any trouble.

    #5. As the educational consultancies have tie-ups with the colleges and universities abroad, you can easily get accommodation. After landing in a new country you do not have to roan here and there to arrange your stay. Consultancies offer you full safety and comfort.

    #6. Educational consultancies take many students from India. So you can get many companions in your way. After landing in a new country you will not feel left out.

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    Important tips to study MBBS abroad

    #1. You need to choose the right educational consultancies that will make the admission process easier. If you fail to do so, both your money and time can be wasted.

    #2. Do not pay the consultancy charges in advance. Pice Educare never asks you to pay the money before the work is done.

    #3. Plan your road map for MBBS abroad.

    #4. Choose the university to study MBBS carefully.

    #5. You must get coaching for clearing the MCI screening test during the MBBS course curriculum.

    #6. If you need to take an educational loan try to apply for it in the early stage.

    #7. Arrange all the original copies of your documents to avoid complications.

    #8. Look for the scholarship programs offered by the college.

    #9. Check the location of the college to ensure good transportation facilities.

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