Changing Trends of Medical Research in Foreign Universities


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Medical Research in Foreign Universities

Medical research and clinical trials have undergone tremendous change. Advancing technology and continuous research work would enhance the scope of a stream. If the MBBS syllabus is not upgraded from time to time, the students will be unable to keep pace with the advancement in the world of medical science. Compared to Indian medical universities, their foreign counterparts are more flexible in adopting changes. The education boards of the countries like China and the Philippines would incorporate added write-ups that would focus upon the outcomes of recent research works.

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    Focusing upon the Latest Trends in Foreign Medical Education

    Evolving Trends in Medical Education (ETME) 2016

    In November 2016, a conference was held on the 5th and 6th of the month where the participating foreign universities stressed the fact that the medical syllabus should be upgraded on a timely basis so that the students get acquainted with the most recent advancements. The conference was held in Dali, The Hilton. The representatives of study abroad consultants in India also participated in this conference. Probably for the 1st time, students and their guardians came so close to the delegates of different Chinese medical universities.

    The Foreign Medical University Participants:

    Jinan University, China
    Dali University, China
    Southern Medical University, China
    Kunming University, China
    South-West Medical University, China
    Institute of Medicine, Nepal

    The Indian Medical University Participant:

    Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre in Bangalore

    The Objectives of the Conference

    The organizers aimed to solve the problems plaguing the world of medical education. The participant delegates of different universities tried to discuss the solutions for some of the biggest issues like pedagogy, updation of the syllabus and how to manage the students belonging to a diverse cultural background, etc. The papers presented by the participating countries touched all the issues of the minute.

    An interesting development took place when the university directors stressed the maintenance of discipline. This is a significant topic given the danger of ragging prevalent in many countries and even we in India have fought a hard battle to check the menace. The maintenance of discipline in the educational institutions would certainly ensure the safety of foreign students.

    The Trends and Patterns of Medical Study in Foreign Medical Colleges

    In both east and west, the academicians are stressing research-based medical studies. China, India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, and even the countries like Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are upgrading their syllabus based on the outcomes of the advanced research works done in the fields of medical studies. The MBBS syllabus has been updated so that the students get opportunities of self-learning. The world of education opens an intellectually challenging platform that encourages the students to learn the nuances of evidence-based medicine.

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