Marks Medical College Bangladesh Admission Procedure


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Marks Medical College Bangladesh

If you are searching for Marks Medical College Bangladesh admission procedure or the advantages that you will get from the college then this article has is for you. Go through the article and for more queries contact PiceEducare.

Marks Medical College Bangladesh admission procedure updates

Introduction to Marks Medical College

Marks Medical College is situated in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. The college strives to provide quality and standard and quality education to all the medical aspirants. Marks Medical College is run by Marks Group which is a welfare organization and works to provide service to the peoples. Medical institutes, nursing, and technical help are provided by this organization. In 1995, the founder Chairman of Marks group Late Brig. Gen. M Masudur Rahman Khan established Marks ENT clinic preliminarily.

He realized the need for health care in the counter and the ENT surgeon dedicated his life to humanity. In the later stage of the year 2007, he established the Marks Dental College and in 2011 he established Marks Medical College. The Marks Medical College aims to produce skillful MBBS graduates who can control the complex situation that arises during medical treatment. The college receives more than one recognition from different medical regulatory bodies. It is approved by the Bangladesh Ministry of Family and Welfare, Medical and Dental Council of Bangladesh, and the University of Dhaka. Here you will get to know about Marks Medical College Bangladesh admission procedure.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of the college is to produce medical graduates who can meet the need for the rising demand for health care services. They prepare the students in such a way that they are capable of providing health care services in any situation. They indulge in a high competency level and a sense of commitment within their student.

The objectives of the college are as follows-

#1. The college provides a good academic environment and ensures that they acquire good practical and theoretical knowledge. The develop an empathetic nature and humanity within the student.

#2. They make you capable of carrying out several research activities and help you in the advancement of health care services and medical education.

#3. The college is focused to teach you about the uses of proper drugs and providing treatment to the patient.

Academic Council

The academic council of the college takes all the decisions related to the academic course. Members of the academic council work together to reach any decision related to the 5 years MBBS course. The chairperson of the academic council is the principal of the college. The academic coordinator is selected by the members of the academic council. Members of the academic council are heads of all the departments, two associates professor from clinical and pre-clinical departments, and assistant professors. The course coordinator is chosen by the academic coordinator and head of the departments.

Governing body

The governing body of the college handles several operations like research, education, finance, and other academic and non-academic functions. The current chairman of Marks Medical College is Begum Farida Masud. Other members of the governing body actively participate in the decision-making process of the college. The governing body of the college also looks after the teaching requirement. They also look after the teaching quality of the college.

MBBS admission in Marks Medical College Bangladesh

Eligibility for Foreign students

Marks Medical College Bangladesh admission procedure is based on the rules and regulations set by the Medical and Dental Council. The eligibility criteria are as follows-

#1. For admission to Marks Medical College, you should not have a year gap of more than 1 year.

#2. You need to have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th or HS or ‘A’ level examination.

#3. The minimum GPA required in HSC and SSC or equivalent examination need to be 7.00.

#4. You need to get a minimum GPA of 3.5 in Biology in the HS examination.


    For Any Information Call 9932625163/8001192800 or Submit the Form Below


    Admission Process

    A central written test is conducted by the Director-General of Health Services, People’s republic government of Bangladesh. This test is mandated to clear by the students for admission in government or non-government medical colleges of Bangladesh. This national level examination is held every year. A merit list is published according to which the admission process is conducted.

    For the international (Indian) students there is no admission test separately, however, they have to clear the NEET examination. For the Indian students, the admission process is carried on according to the marks secured in SSC and HS levels. Once all the formalities are done the student has to pass the medical fitness test without which there admission is not possible. A board of members carries out the process of checking the fitness of all the eligible students. For more detailed information about Marks Medical College Bangladesh admission procedure, you can contact us.

    Key points regarding admission

    #1. They will need to fill up the application form Directorate General of Health Services website. There you can fill the choice of your college.

    #2. The Indian students who are interested in getting admission in Marks Medical College need to get the attested copies of some documents from the Ministry of foreign affairs or education board of India. The list of documents includes-

    1. Mark sheets and all equivalent certificates of HSC and SSC level.
    2. Copy of the passport
    3. Age proof
    4. Photographs
    5. Duly filled application form

    #3. Once you fill-up the form of the college form, you have to submit the duly filled application form, a payment receipt that is made in favor of DGHS, and the attested documents to the Embassy in your country. You can contact PiceEducare for this.

    #4. These documents are submitted for checking the equivalency of the marks obtained in the HSC and SSC level.

    #5. If the documents are verified properly you will get the confirmation letter from the college for your admission. You can book your seat in advance in the college by paying the admission fees and sending the required documents. Now, you can apply for a student VISA.

    MBBS course fee structure

    You need to pay all the payments at the time of admission without which your seat will not be secured. The payment which you will pay at the time of admission is nonrefundable and cannot be returned if you change your plan. The tuition fees need to be paid in the first week of every month. If you fail to pay the fees within the due date you will be fined on a per-day basis.

    If you do not pay the fees for more than 1 month without any prior information your name can be removed from the register. When you do not pay the fees for more than two months you will be expelled from the college and need to take re-admission by paying a sum of money. The fee structure of the college is as follows

    #1. For seat booking, you will need to pay around $15,000.

    #2. For the rest of the fees, you can pay in installments.

    #3. The total course fees for the five years course curriculum is around $30,000 to $40,000.

    #4. The food and accommodation cost per month can be around $100.

    You have to pay the fees of the college through TT/ DD/ Pay in favor of Marks Medical College. For more details contact PiceEducare.

    For detail information please call our college admission help desk +91 – 9932625163 / +91 – 8001192800.

    Re-admission fees

    If the student’s name is removed from the college, due to non-payment of fees or any disciplinary action then the student has to pay the re-admission fees. For the Bangladeshi student, the re-admission fees are around INR 4000 to INR 6000. Whereas for Indian or any foreign student the fees are around $500 US dollars.

    Fee structure

    The structure of the MBBS course as per the order of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is as follows-

    1. Admission fees
    2. Internship charges (You can be eligible for stipend)
    3. Tuition fees each month.
    4. The fee structure can be changed anytime as per the order of the Ministry.

    Other Charges

    Residential field site training order visit to various rural areas, health center expenses, forensic medicine autopsy expenses, educational accessories, internship allowances, formative examination fee, student registration fees, cultural program, ID card fee, cultural program, common room, etc.

    Distribution of seats

    #1. General- Fifty-eight percent of seats are available for the students of Bangladesh which are filled according to the merit score of published by Director General of Health Services, MOHFW.

    #2. Freedom Fighter- 2% of the seats are available for the freedom fighter’s children. For this, the students have to submit the required documents.

    #3. Governing body- 5% of the total available seats are reserved for the governing body members. The college authority is responsible for the selection of such candidates.

    #4. Foreign students- 40% of the seats are reserved for foreign students according to the russet by MOHFW.

    During the time of admission, the parents of the students need to sign a form on a nonjudicial stamp paper stating that they are accepting all the terms and conditions to follow the code f conduct of the college. Hence the students and their parents will abide by all the rules during the MBBS course.

    MBBS Course structure

    A 6 years MBBS program is designed or the students that include 5 years course curriculum and 1 year of internship. The academic courses and the subjects are arranged in such a way that it covers all aspects of medical science. The course structure is as follows-

    Phase Duration Name of Examination Subjects
    Phase1 1 year 1st professional MBBS Exam Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry
    Phase2 1 year 2nd professional MBBS Exam Community Medicine & Forensic Medicine
    Phase3 1 year 3rd  professional MBBS Exam Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology.
    Phase4 1 year 4th professional MBBS Exam Medicine & Allied Subjects, Surgery, and Allied Subjects, Gynecology, and Obstetrics.


    The professional MBBS examination is held at the end of each year. You have to meet the eligibility criteria for qualifying all the formative assessment held during the course. Once you clear all the examinations you will be eligible for the internship program.

    Contact Pice Educare MBBS admission help desk for Direct MBBS admission


    If the students successfully clear the 5 years of the course they will get a 1-year internship or training in Marks Medical Hospital. This internship is made compulsory by the Medical and Dental Council of Bangladesh. It is also compulsory for getting the registration approved by BMD. This training is organized to prepare the students as professional skills and attitude to become a successful doctor. The ae trained in such a way that they have the necessary skills to work rigorously in a fully structured hospital. During the internship, the students will get a stipend.

    For detail information please call our college admission help desk +91 – 9932625163 / +91 – 8001192800.

    Academic activities

    #1. Student teaching- The College encourages student teaching under the guidance of the professors during the lectures or the clinical classes. This helps in building confidence in the students. Students are divided groups where they discuss and help each other on different topics. This is done in the guidance of professors as well as between the students.

    #2. Journal club- All the members of the departments attend the journal club which is held in the clinical club every week.

    #3. Seminars- This is held regularly which is attained by all the students of the college. Two yearly magazines are published by the college which is recognized but BMDC.

    #4. Training- The professors, assistant professors, faculty members, and teaching and non-teaching staff are well trained. They are highly professional and sincerely motivated to work.

    #5. Inpatients- There are non paid beds available in the hospital for both males and females. Patient care is supported by professional doctors and all equipped modern instruments.

    #6. Outpatients- There is a separate department for outpatients where patients can come for a consultation. Patients can get a consultation from highly professional doctors at a minimal rate.

    #7. Emergency- There are emergency rooms available which provide service 24/7. It has a group of doctors.


    #1. Spacious lecture halls

    #2. Anatomy dissection hall ( with central AC)

    #3. Anatomy Museum

    #4. Library

    #5. Laboratories- Biochemistry lab, Physiology lab, Histology lab, pathology lab, Microbiology lab, etc.

    #6. Community Medicine

    #7. Separate hostel for both male and female candidates.

    #8. Computer labs

    #9. Teacher’s Lounge

    #10. Community and forensic Medicine museum

    So, we can conclude that Marks Medical college provides you all the facilities and even more that you look for in an ideal medical college. You can get admission related help from PiceEducare whenever required. The college is enriched with core values, facilities, excellent teaching staff, hospital; and many more.

    Still, if you need any other information please contact Pice Educare for Marks Medical College Bangladesh admission procedure.


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