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mbbs admission in nepal

We are going to discuss about MBBS admission details in Nepal 2022-23. Studying in an international destination is a dream of many MBBS aspirants; however, choosing the right college and planning the finances are really important. Nepal is considered one of the best places to study MBBS. Considering the dynamic competition of getting accepted into Nepal’s medical college, it is advised that aspirants prepare themselves as soon as possible. Besides world-class infrastructure, Neplan is favorable for Indian MBBS aspirants because of the climatic condition, food, language of studies, and cost involved. The lowest package for MBBS in Nepal starts with prices at 46 lakhs. The goal of the educational system is to advance universal values

MBBS admission details in Nepal 2022-23 for Indian students

MBBS Admission in Nepal For The Year 2022-23:

Why Choose Nepal to Study MMBS?

#1. The MBBS programme in Nepal is closely allied to the MBBS programme in India.

#2. Healthcare and educational systems in Nepal are among the best.

#3. The nation’s most well-known medical sciences universities are KIST Medical College, Nobel Medical College, and Lumbini Medical College.

#4. Nepal’s medical schools are renowned for their standing, stability, and dependability.

#5. The medium for MBBS education in Nepal is English which is similar to India.

#6. All medical colleges in Nepal are approved by MNC and WHO, and the duration of MBBS courses is 5 years.

#7. Excellent quality theoretical and practical information is provided to all individuals.

#8. Nepal’s MBBS programme has a distinct syllabus and style.

#9. The dormitory facilities at the universities are excellent.

#10. In comparison to other overseas universities, MBBS tuition in Nepal is affordable.

#11. In Nepal’s MBBS universities, ragging is prohibited.

#12. Both hotels and MBBS schools offer Indian food.

#13. Separate hostels are available for male and female students, and Indian superintendents are also available in a few hostels.

#14. Nepal is a very safe country to live and study in.

#15. Nepal has A-list clinics and clinical organizations.

#16. Students are offered free assistance so that they do not feel homesick.

#17. Nepal offers students the opportunity to participate in international events and workshops that aid their knowledge and skill acquisition.

Let’s find out the application process for MBBS in Nepal.

eligibility criteria for mbbs admission in nepal

Eligibility of MBBS Admission 2022-2023 in Nepal

#1. Students must be at least 17 years old to apply for admission to an MBBS programme.

#2. To get admitted to an MBBS programme in Nepal, a student must pass the 12th grade with three core sciences subjects, physics, chemistry, and biology.

#3. The candidate should score at least a 50% in the science subjects mentioned above.

#4. Entrants must pass the college entrance exams of Nepal’s medical universities.

#5. From university to university, the rules could differ.

#6. NEET is compulsory for MBBS admission.

#7. Students must be well versed in English; however, IELTS is not required.

Let’s look at the syllabus for MBBS 2022-23 in Nepal.

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    MBBS 2022-2023 in Nepal– Syllabus:

    S.L. No Nepal’s MBBS Syllabus For 2022-23
    1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
    1 Clinical exposure Communication Skills Gynecology Dentistry Health Education
    2 Communication Skills Integrated Basic Medical Science Clinical Exposure Obstetrics and Paediatrics Internal Medicine Biostatistics
    3 Integrated Basic Medical Science Surgery Anaesthesiology Nutrition
    4 Community Medicine Disciplines of Forensic Medicine Obstetrics Sociology
    5 Community Medicine (Applied Epidemiology, Family Health Exercise) medicine Psychiatry Information Technology
    6 Internal Medicine Radiology Community Health Laboratory
    7 ENT Family Health
    8 Accident and Emergency Medicine Epidemiology
    9 Dermatology Community Health Diagnosis
    10 Gynecology, Communication skills
    11 Pediatrics Demography
    12 Orthopedics Environmental Health
    13 Surgery
    14 Community Medicine
    15 Ethics and Research
    16 Eye
    17 Information Technology

    About MBBS Admission 2022-2023 in Nepal

    Each college in Nepal may have a different criterion for MBBS and a different admissions process. Nonetheless, the admissions process is straightforward. Several universities in Nepal do not require an entrance examination for MBBS admission, and direct admission is offered to students at top universities in Nepal. Other universities, on the other hand, hold exams, and students must pass to be admitted.

    Steps of MBBS Admission 2022-2023 in Nepal

    #1. The Nepal MBBS session begins in September.

    #2. The application process for the MBBS course starts at least 60 days prior to the session.

    #3. Download the application form from the university portal and read it carefully to fill it out correctly.

    #4. Next, submit all the scanned copies of the necessary documents and the application form.

    #5. After submitting the document, you much pay the fee for MBBS admission.

    #6. The college will now process your admission application.

    #7. There is no visa requirement for Indian students.

    #8. Once you get through, inform the college about your arrival date.

    #9. Reach Nepal and enjoy your MBBS course lectures.

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    MBBS Scholarship Option In Nepal

    Nepal offers scholarship programmes based on merit and is available for both public and private organizations. Investigation of the scholarship is also conducted by the Central Government or State Government, which provides excellent benefits for deserving students.

    Indian MBBS aspirants can apply for North-South Foundation College Scholarships. NFCS is a scholarship programme for Indian students pursuing medical studies in Nepal. To avail, the scholarship student must meet all requirements for a scholarship placement test.

    documents required for mbbs admission in nepal

    Documents Required for MBBS Admission 2022-2023 in Nepal

    #1. Photocopies of Mark sheet

    #2. Photocopy of school leaving certificate

    #3. Invitation letter copy

    #4. Certificate of Birth

    #5. Passport-size photographs (8 copies) and medical certificates (8 photocopies).

    #6. Proof of nationality -Aadhar card, PAN card, voter I.D., or any other Govt Photo I.D.

    #7. The NEET score card result is required, and the student must present it at admission.

    Important Information For MBBS Admission 2022-2023 in Nepal

    #1. MBBS aspirants should be aware of the important dates for applying for admission in Nepal.

    #2. The admission letter is processed by the MBBS university in about 15 days.

    #3. The start of the academic year is usually in October.

    list of top medical colleges in nepal

     Top College List for MBBS admission in Nepal

    Sl No MBBS Colleges 5 Years Course Fee Recognized by
    1 Institute of Medicine 40 to 50 Lakh Tribhuvan University
    2 B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences 40 to 50 Lakh Kathmandu University
    3 Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences 45 to 55 Lakh Kathmandu University
    4 Janaki Medical College 45 to 55 Lakh Tribhuvan University
    5 Kathmandu University 45 to 55 Lakh Tribhuvan University
    6 Nepal Medical College & Teaching Hospital 50 to 60 Lakh Kathmandu University
    7 Devdaha Medical College 50 to 55 Lakh Kathmandu University
    8 Chitwan Medical College 50 to 60 Lakh Tribhuvan University
    9 Birat Medical College & Teaching Hospital 50 to 60 Lakh Kathmandu University
    10 Nobel Medical College 50 to 60 Lakh Kathmandu University
    11 Gandaki Medical College 50 to 60 Lakh Tribhuvan University
    12 Kathmandu Medical College 50 to 60 Lakh Kathmandu University
    13 Lumbini Medical College & Research Center 50 to 60 Lakh Kathmandu University
    14 Universal College of Medical Sciences 55 to 65 Lakh Tribhuvan University
    15 Nepalganj Medical College 55 to 60 Lakh Kathmandu University
    16 Manipal College of Medical Sciences 55 to 65 Lakh Kathmandu University
    17 National Medical College 60 to 65 Lakh Tribhuvan University


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    First Year Tuition Fee For Various MMBS Colleges in Nepal

    Sl No MBBS Colleges 1st Year Tuition Fee 5 Years Course Fee
    1 Janaki Medical College INR 23,00,000 INR 46,00,000
    2 Gandaki Medical College INR 25,00,000 INR 50,00,000
    3 KIST Medical College INR 24,00,000 INR 48,00,000
    4 Chitwan Medical College INR 26,00,000 INR 52,00,000
    5 Universal College Of Medical Sciences Nepal INR 28,00,000 INR 58,00,000
    6 National Medical College INR 32,00,000 INR 62,50,000
    7 Devdaha Medical College And Research Institute INR 25,00,000 INR 52,00,000
    8 Birat Medical College INR 27,00,000 INR 53,00,000
    9 Lumbini Medical College INR 27,00,000 INR 53,00,000
    10 Nepal Medical College INR 26,00,000 INR 52,00,000
    11 Nobel Medical College INR 28,00,000 INR 56,00,000
    12 Kathmandu Medical College INR 27,00,000 INR 54,00,000
    13 Manipal College Of Medical Science INR 37,50,000 INR 75,00,000
    14 College of Medical Science Nepal INR 30,00,000 INR 58,00,000
    15 Nepalgunj Medical College INR 30,00,000 INR 60,00,000

     Medical Studies Methodology in Nepal

    #1. More than 50 medical universities and colleges in Nepal are ready to facilitate Indian students.

    #2. Nepal offers undergraduate and postgraduate levels of medical education.

    #3. The curriculum taught at Nepal’s medical college meets international standards.

    #4. Nepal MBBS takes a total of 4.5 years to complete.

    #5. The initial four years are dedicated to classroom learning and clinical training.

    #6. Every medical college puts a high value on practical knowledge.

    #7. After four years of study, the student is expected to participate in an internship.

    MBBS from Nepal is a great opportunity for medical students. Not only does Nepal offer affordable course fees, but it also offers a conducive environment for studies. Due to the tough competition, the students need extra care to get through Nepal’s MBBS admission process. Thankfully students from West Bengal can rely PiceEducare’s A to Z guidance for you to ensure their acceptance in MBBS colleges of Nepal. Get in touch with us today and achieve your dream of becoming an internationally certified medical professional.

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