MBBS in New Zealand

Study MBBS in New Zealand & have your dream medical career

There are many countries that offer quality MBBS courses and one such country that deserves a special mention is New Zealand. In recent times, MBBS in New Zealand has become increasingly popular among the Indian students. Medical aspirants who aim to do their MBBS course from abroad universities have a list of criteria- high-standard of education, modern curriculum, advanced infrastructure, recognition and most importantly lucrative career opportunities. Undoubtedly, all these criteria are fulfilled in New Zealand. The country offers high-quality MBBS education through its well-qualified faculty, progressive infrastructure and student-oriented facilities like internships and practical training.

What are the advantages for pursuing medical education in New Zealand?

The advantages of studying MBBS in New Zealand are:

  • Majority of the medical institutes are internationally recognized.
  • The students can avail the facility of smart classrooms, well-equipped libraries and a well-qualified faculty.
  • By having an MBBS degree from a medical university in New Zealand, students can avail great career opportunities across the world. They can earn a lucrative salary and benefits by studying MBBS in New Zealand.
  • The MBBS curriculum in New Zealand contains modern concepts and advanced theories that are not taught in India.
  • Anyone completing their MBBS study in New Zealand, will get global recognition at the time of employment.


To enrol for medical study in New Zealand, the criteria are:

  • Student must have a bachelor degree in any Science subject- Bioscience, health science and others.
  • The applicant must qualify UMAT (Health Science Admission Test).
  • He/she must be fluent in English and qualify English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL with a minimum score of 7.0.


The duration for MBBS education in New Zealand is 6 years, with the first 5 years intensive theoretical sessions and practical training and internship in the sixth year.

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Meta description- Every medical student dreams to go abroad and study MBBS from a reputed university.  In this respect, know the advantages of pursuing MBBS in New Zealand.