Read these 5 Reasons before You Decide to Become a Doctor!


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MBBS in Russia

When you decide to study MBBS, you must have come across people enumerating the various advantages of studying this course. And if you pick a location, for instance: you want to do medical study in Russia, people will flood you with information about the best universities to study from, the advantages of studying there and your prospective future.

But do you know why is it important to get a medical degree? Becoming a doctor is a noble profession itself where you save the lives of others but how can a degree enhance your medical career? Let us have a look:

  1. Thorough knowledge of the human body– Surely having a medical degree means you will have more precise knowledge about the affairs of the human body. You can delve into the deep and complex details of the human body, know the names of the 206 bones, the organs and deal with the various diseases efficiently. In other words, a medical degree will allow you to become an excellent engineer of the human body.

  2. Assured job security- You must have heard that being a doctor is one of the most assured jobs because even if there is a recession, a doctor will still survive. The whole society will do all that it takes to have a good doctor because he/she is the one who keeps the entire civilization going. A good doctor is always empathetic towards his/her patients, who listens to their problems, administers effectively and stays calm. All these qualities make ordinary people value an individual who is a doctor. No wonder they earn such huge salaries!

  3. Freedom to study medicine in any part of the world- While other courses might limit you to your home country or few other places, studying medical degree allows you to study all over the world and not just in your home country. There is also an added benefit: after pursuing the MBBS in Russia, if you want you can practice in that country itself. Returning to your native place and practicing is not a mandatory requirement.

  4. Become a scientist- Becoming a doctor is synonymous to becoming a scientist. What is science? It is a subject that helps one to grow and develop and a doctor does that for sure. As a doctor you are researching every day for new medicines, new causes for any diseases and any other possible remedies. There are cases where doctors are still searching and trying to come up with a solution. For instance: Anti-HIV drugs. Previously doctors have been successful in inventing medicines for smallpox and eradicated it also. Similarly, being a doctor will leave the doors wide open for you to invent and discover a solution.

  5. In-sync with the latest technology- Being associated with the medical world and not having the knowledge of the latest technology is beyond question! As doctors are continuously researching and coming up with solutions, technologies are also being invented that aid in treatment. For instance: state-of-the-art prosthetics, 3D printed organs, wearable diagnosis sensors and other devices are just a few examples of modern medical technology.

Conclusion– Thus without a medical degree, a doctor is like some food without salt and sugar. A medical degree opens the door to this big wide world, for the betterment of the entire civilization. After all, it is in well-accordance to the common saying, that ‘a doctor is next to God’and it is true for many reasons.

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