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Admission On The Spot

We have a widespread network of educational institutions all over the world. So, you can expect us to arrange face-to-face confrontations with the college management. Most of the time, you will be admitted immediately if you are found eligible.

Time is our most important resource. Some people are not aware of this fact or even if they are, they do not realize it until it’s too late. But all those gushes of regret and guilt feelings are not going to bring back your lost time. Our experienced career consultants at Pice Educare, acknowledge this truth. Therefore, they provide you with the opportunity to get on spot admission in the universities abroad, thus saving your time and energy.

We have an extensive network of universities all across the globe. Our relationship with the management department of those universities is so good that we can convince them to hold a direct confrontation with you immediately. It can be over the phone or via video call, depending on the specific admission criterion of the particular university you are opting for. We can also arrange for a face-to-face round with the management officials of your choice university to help you get on spot admission if you are found eligible for the course.

These add-on facilities that we provide have helped us gain recognition all over India. We make sure that our service rates do not go beyond your limits as we aspire to spread awareness of higher education in a country like India, where most students are not even able to pay their tuition fees. Our founder, Mr. Basuruddin Shaikh has been a teacher throughout a big part of his career and he harbors great feelings of compassion for the students. Thereby, we offer our services at the most reasonable rates to enhance your career without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you think you need our help and support to build the future of your dreams, do not hesitate to contact us right away. We can provide you with a free consultation regarding the benefits of higher studies and relevant information about overseas education if you are interested in going abroad for your studies. You can rely on us regarding your career. We will help you take the best decision of your lives. There will be a time when you are going to feel blessed for taking the necessary steps at the right moment.