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Travel Assistance

We are concerned about our clients’ safety and thereby offer pick and drop facilities within our special services criteria.

Apart from providing relevant information about the courses you should take and the universities you should opt for, we also provide other facilities under the special services criterion of Pice Educare. These include accommodation, legal guardianship and travel assistance in the foreign country.

At first, it is natural for you to feel all baffled by the modes of transport in a foreign country. If you can arrange for a rental transport system, well and good. But, if you cannot, no worries. We are here to help you. Our job is to make your feel comfortable in your new home and we leave no stone unturned to ensure maximum convenience. Here’s how we do that:

First of all, we find you a suitable accomodation near the institute you are enrolled in. Secondly, if you are not much acquainted with the street names or the transport facilities available there, we can arrange for convenient travel assistance in the initial days of your stay. Once you get acquainted with the place, you can opt out of our support and start commuting by yourself.

Travel assisnance is necessary as it can save a lot of your time and energy that would otherwise have been spent in looking around for available options. We will arrange pick and drop facilities right from your doorstep to save your valuable time.

Pice Educare basically deals with students’ comfort. It is one of our main objectives to see that the students getting admission in the foreign universities with our help do not feel lost and alone in the new place. Be it accomodation or transport, we can provide solutions to all types of problem you may face there. Even if you do not need our help immediately, we will always be there within your reach. So, just relax and focus on your dreams.