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Visa Assistance

It is our responsibility to see to the entire visa processing of our students and get it approved.

As soon as you receive your offer letter, it becomes important for you to apply for a Student Visa immediately. However, getting your Visa approved is not that easy. The Visa officer has to be completely convinced in order to grant you a student Visa. Generally, the students have a higher rate of acceptance as compared to the other Visas like Immigrant Visa or Business Visa. Still, there are a lot of challenges that one needs to overcome to get his/her Visa application approved without any hassle.

At Pice Educare, we offer step-by-step Visa assistance, if required, to the students applying for overseas education via our services. Our professional consultants provide adequate help in preparing your documents, conducting customized interview briefing sessions and mock question interviews to prepare you for the final Visa interview at the consulate. We give our best to enhance your chances of approval by helping you represent yourselves in the right manner. If you think you are not confident enough to appear in front of the officer, we will help you gain confidence with our mock interview sessions. We will also aid you in completing your financial documentation, arranging your finances and fulfilling all other requirements of your Visa application process. If you have been rejected before, no worries, we also handle such cases with extreme dedication and sincerity.

There are 4 main requirements for a Student Visa approval. These are:

  • Admission in a reputed university abroad
  • Course Fees
  • Ability to meet the financial requirements of lodging and boarding
  • Family tie-ups that ensure your return

At Pice Educare, we will provide all the necessary information to help you crack the interview and impress the Visa officer right away. Most Visas get rejected due to the unavailability of important documents and failure to present enough evidence to support your Visa approval. So, our main responsibility lies in educating you regarding the important requisites of Visa application and helping you arrange all your documents in a proper manner. We will also coach you for an impressive interview so that the consulate does feel like approving your Visa and sending you abroad to study. Our Visa Assistance services have higher success rates than any other career consultation services in the entire nation.