Career counseling


Your choices determine your success. We can help you make those choices without worrying about your budget. We will use our reliable network to give you the career you want sans breaking your banks.

Opportunities are many but choices should be specific. You can opt for only one path and that has to be the path leading to your dreams. Otherwise, the whole thing can go to waste.

No worries, at Pice Educare, we are quite adept at determining your prospective career by looking into your background, interests, and budget. If you want to study abroad, we can help you choose the right course in the best university within your limits.

Yes, you have to make that final choice, but no, you do not have to choose by yourself. We are here to help you all the time.

It is our main objective to see that you get the best education in a reputed university in India. We also provide overseas admission counseling services in India. Our extensive network of colleges and universities outside India can help us get you authentic information regarding the courses, examinations, hostel fees, neighboring regions, transport and etc. In short, through our study abroad career counseling in India, we will give you a clear idea about how your life is going to be once your name is enrolled on the university’s list of students.

At Pice Educare, we hold that it is important for the parents and students to understand what significance higher education holds in this century. In India, both girls and boys experience great pressure from their parents regarding jobs (for boys) and marriage (for girls). Sometimes, they have to sacrifice their dreams of studying further to meet the expectations of their parents. Therefore, we also counsel the parents at Pice Educare and give them another reason to consider their child’s education. Education is the only thing that will stand by them in moments of great loss and help them face life like a brave heart in spite of all adversities.

We can get you admission to the top colleges of Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Germany, and other places in the world. Our range of courses includes Degree, Diploma, Certificate, Ph.D., Paramedical, name anything and we will provide you with suitable options. If you want to study MBBS abroad, we can arrange for that as well. In fact, we will help you complete your degree from renowned universities abroad so that you can practice anywhere in the world. Again, we have several options catering to each one of your needs. After all, spreading awareness of higher education is our main motto and we live up to it every moment of every single day.

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