Eligibility Certificate of MCI Process

MCI Eligibility Certificate: The New Rules

Amended Rules Announced by MCI (Medical Council of India): To safeguard the interests of the Indian medical students who apply for foreign medical universities, MCI has made it mandatory to possess the Eligibility Certificate. It is a legal guarantee certificate furnished by the MCI to ensure that the medical university falls in the list of recognised universities. As per the leatest rule by MCI in order to study MBBS abroad & get recognition for the degree in India, it is mandatory to qualify NEET. Hence it is absolutely necessary that candidates planning to study MBBS abroad need to prepare for NEET as well.

The Benefits of Eligibility Certificate

  • Wipeout doubts and fear about future
  • Bright career prospects as a practising doctor in India
  • Eligibility to appear in the MCI screening test (FMGE)
  • To end the illegal process of sending students to poor quality foreign medical universities
  • To save the theft of a huge amount of money

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