Education Is Directly Proportional To Success

At Pice Educare, we aim to make the student life much more productive with respect to professional credibility. From effective career counseling to visa assistance (in case you wish to study abroad) we can help you with everything. Let’s get down to the details of the services we provide at Pice Educare:

  • Admission guidance

    Getting admitted to a recognized university abroad is no cake walk. They have several protocols that you have to adhere to. But, no worries, we are always here to help you. It is not at all easy to get admission in the renowned universities abroad

  • Bank Loan Assistance

    Overseas Education Loan Often, as in all cases of higher education, funds are required to study abroad. Thanks to the availability of overseas education loan getting it is easier than ever. How Pice Educare could Help The years of experience in

  • Travel Assistance

    We are concerned about our clients' safety and thereby offer pick and drop facilities within our special services criteria. Apart from providing relevant information about the courses you should take and the universities you should opt for, we als

  • Lucrative Discounts

    We can arrange for discounts in your fees structure. Yes, we have a good relation with the college management that we can make use of. Studying abroad can be pretty expensive. A higher percentage of Indian middle-income families cannot afford such

  • Placement Services

    Our job does not end with career counseling and admission guidance. We can also help you get a placement once you are in the final year of your academic career. When you are spending you hard-earned resources in the education of your sons and daug

  • Bank Loans

    We can use our extensive resources to help you obtain bank loans, scholarships and other financial support you need to pursue higher education abroad. The number of students opting for education loans in India has increased drastically in the last

  • Admission On The Spot

    We have a widespread network of educational institutions all over the world. So, you can expect us to arrange face-to-face confrontations with the college management. Most of the time, you will be admitted immediately if you are found eligible. Ti

  • Reservation of Seats

    At Pice Educare, we can help you book your seats in advance so that when the academic year commences, your seats will not be taken by others. It is needless to say that, the universities abroad have huge demand because of their exceptional faculty

  • Accommodation Facilities

    We also arrange for suitable accommodation for the students as well as their parents. You can state your requirements and we will give our best to find you the most favorable accommodation within your budget. Okay, so you got your admission in one

  • Local Guardians

    Do you need a local guardian in the foreign land? We can be that for you as well.

  • Foreign Exchange (Forex) Assistance

    If you face any kind of currency issue, we can help you out. Your dreams of studying abroad may face several adversities but it is our job to ease the process. At Pice Educare, we have solutions to each and every problem of yours. Foreign exchange

  • Visa Assistance

    It is our responsibility to see to the entire visa processing of our students and get it approved. As soon as you receive your offer letter, it becomes important for you to apply for a Student Visa immediately. However, getting your Visa approved

  • Discount in fees structure

  • University/College Admission Process

    Bangladesh The Indian students can apply for the MBBS and MD/MS courses in Bangladesh. The information could be availed from Pice Educare- the study abroad consultant in India. Medical admissions are related to MBBS and BDS. You can put your name

  • All Documentation

    The Relevance of Documents in Studying Abroad Pice Educare has dedicated its multiple services towards the career upliftment of students who wish to get admission in foreign universities. Given the importance of relevant sets of documents in getti

  • Embassy’s All Process

    All Incomprehensive Services for Student Visa The formalities associated with the procurement of student visa could be daunting. You need expert help from Pice Educare. Over the years, we have forged an excellent professional relationship with the

  • Eligibility Certificate of MCI Process

    MCI Eligibility Certificate: The New Rules Amended Rules Announced by MCI (Medical Council of India): To safeguard the interests of the Indian medical students who apply for foreign medical universities, MCI has made it mandatory to possess the El

  • 5+1 years on Campus Support

    Campus Support With Pice Educare, you are not alone in a new country. We ensure your stress-free tenure in a foreign university. Our Campus Support Services Pre-Departure Briefing : In most cases, Indian students experience a cultural shock whe

  • Airport Pickup Services

    Airport Pickup Services The students who have successfully arranged for immigration approval can book the airport pickup service offered by PICE Educare. They can furnish the details of the date, flight number and the expected time of arrival. The

  • Career counseling

    CAREER COUNSELING Your choices determine your success. We can help you make those choices without worrying about your budget. We will use our reliable network to give you the career you want sans breaking your banks. Opportunities are many but ch